In Memory

Ed Herrera

Eddie is class of 1968, and his name deserves recognition. He passed away in 1971. The only thing that I remember about Eddie is that Eddie was a good fighter, if you ever see him fight you not forget him. To bad they did not have Octagon Fighting back in our era, Eddie would have been a rich man. 

 - Joe Contreras

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06/28/14 01:47 PM #1    

Joe McCallum

I lived by and grew up with Eddie and his older brother David. Great potential lost to drugs. Very sad and yes they were both very tough as kids.

09/12/14 12:44 AM #2    

Joseph Contreras

Eddie was a good fighter, and I only wish that he would gotten into boxing, he would have been up there in the top 10 if not champion. I remember Eddie in about the 5th grade (Mill School Elementary), Eddie said something about insulting about Dana Schafer, (who just happened to be one of the prettiest girls at school) then Mike Snow said something back to Eddie. Both of them just kept swinging at each other. It seemed like they were fighting for about !5 minutes because I remember it was a woman teacher and she just kept telling everyone to stay back and let them fight. I am not sure how is stopped, and Eddie went in and out of our schools; Mill, Dexter, and Whittier, because he was in and out of juvenile. He passed away about when he was about 25. It was sad because if a boxer promoter would have discovered him, Eddie could have had a good career as a professional fighter, he would be alive today with a nice home and family. Eddie chose the wrong path. I had always known Eddie and I never had a problem with him. Joe Contreras.

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