In Memory

This is a list of our classmates that have left us far too early. If you were a close friend of any please contact me. At the banquet their names will be read and after each name a friend will say a few kind words.

Bill White

By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Jimmy Allison (Deceased 2012)
Karlton Allsup (Deceased 2017)
Dennis Andrus (Deceased 1988)
Joe Barr (Deceased 2008)
David Bates (Deceased Year Unknown)
Saundra Bell (Deceased Year Unknown)
Charon Best (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gary Calloway (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard Christensen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Diana Long Elkins (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jimmy Elkins (Deceased Year Unknown)
Curtis Fox (Deceased 1985)
Jimmy Franklin (Deceased 2011)
Larry Frost (Deceased 2016)
Art Gates (Deceased 2019)
Jerry Grevas (Deceased 2019)
Dickie Guthrie (Deceased 2002)
Mike Harmon (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gary Hart (Deceased 2011)
Dee Hartman (Deceased 2008)
Max Hays (Deceased 2013)
Jerry Kovarik (Deceased 2007)
Ronald Kunkel (Deceased 2007)
Floyd McCoy (McCoy) (Deceased 2016)
Judy Meredith (McDaniel) (Deceased 2018)  
Matt Monzingo (Deceased 2010)
Richard Mooty (Deceased 2002)
Freddie Myers (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sally Oder (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Pittman (Deceased 2011)
Gerald Pond (Deceased 1961)
Eddie Rappolee (Deceased 1966)  
Noel Romines (Deceased 2014)
Willene Sampson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kit Sims (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dana Standifer (Deceased 2001)
Bonnie Taylor (Deceased Year Unknown)
Norman Walker (Deceased 2010)
Eugene Weakley (Deceased 2014)
Beverly Wilson (Deceased 2007)

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.