Missing Classmates

We have lost contact with or have an incorrect email address for the following classmates.  If you know how to reach them, please let them know about our website or Facebook page!

Arnold, Christopher

Bernard, Scott


Brooks, Scott


Cotto, Luis

Crutcher, Mark

Cummings (Williams), Kim


Doan, Mike

Elliott, David

Fair (Mooney), Suzayn


Foglesong, Greg

Garrett (Galvin), Julie

Geyer, Steve

Graciano, Anthony

Griesbach, Tim

Hall, Matthew

Hastings, Allison


Immediato, Jessica

Kail, Mike

Lee, Ed

Lucarelli (Feldman), Julie

Lugar, Pete

McKinley, Dustin

Mitchell, Roy

Moore, Chris

North, Robert

Pankratz (Hesek), Anne

Preston, Christopher

Roberts, Scott

Rodriguez, Roberto

Stiso, Yvonne

Waggoner (Berk), Susan

Walker, Jeanine


Whisman, John

Young (Nataline), Terri-Lee

Zecher, Craig