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•   Miriam (Mia) Spector (Cohen)  11/11
•   Mary Elizabeth (Meg) Greene (Carroll)  10/31
•   Peter Bradshaw  10/29
•   Debra Crown  9/24
•   Ann Redding  9/12
•   Jennifer Johnston (Mangan)  8/23
•   Mark A. Kastel  8/23
•   Bill Powers  8/21
•   John McKinley  8/20
•   Vivien Marie Moore  8/15
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•   Joel Soren  2021
•   Gary Lewis Baldwin  2021
•   Bill Major  2020
•   Peter Boynton  2020
•   Robert T. Brumbaugh  2016
•   David Orr  2017
•   Donna Bradley (Fragassi)  2015
•   Joel Vilfrain (Yusuf R. Zafir)  2014
•   Elisabeth (Betsy) Maynard  2008
•   Barbara Van Leeuwen (Mullaney)  2014
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1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
17 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
74 live in California
35 live in Colorado
8 live in Connecticut
2 live in Delaware
1 lives in District Of Columbia
28 live in Florida
17 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
6 live in Idaho
436 live in Illinois
13 live in Indiana
3 live in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
3 live in Kentucky
4 live in Louisiana
4 live in Maine
7 live in Maryland
7 live in Massachusetts
9 live in Michigan
21 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
14 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
4 live in Nebraska
6 live in Nevada
4 live in New Hampshire
5 live in New Jersey
10 live in New Mexico
14 live in New York
10 live in North Carolina
6 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
13 live in Oregon
5 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
24 live in Texas
6 live in Utah
3 live in Vermont
10 live in Virginia
26 live in Washington
2 live in West Virginia
44 live in Wisconsin
3 live in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Quebec
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Brazil
1 lives in Ecuador
1 lives in France
1 lives in Israel
2 live in Italy
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in South Africa
1 lives in United Kingdom
10 location unknown


•   Christopher FitzHenry Robling  12/2
•   Maryann Mortensen (McArdle)  12/4
•   Jennifer Rudiger (McLeod)  12/4
•   Richard D. Hayes  12/6
•   Theodore (Teddy) E Davis Jr PhD  12/7
•   Sally Sandberg (Wood)  12/7
•   Caio A. Cunha  12/9
•   Diane McKeever  12/9
•   Nancy Sosna (Zimmerman)  12/10
•   Theresa Browne (Kutzen)  12/11
•   M. Patricia Beckmann  12/12
•   Joan Converse (Grodecki)  12/14
•   Charles Hayes  12/14
•   Sharon Keever (Stevenson)  12/15
•   Karen Weise (King)  12/17
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 50.5%

A:   510   Joined
B:   500   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


August 23, 2018

Fellow Classmates:

Ralph Becker and John Freed just renewed our Class Creator subscription for a 3-year term, at a (discounted) cost of $350.00.

If you would like to contribute toward the subscription cost of this web site, which we pay to a third-party provider, you can do so with this link.

All contributions are 100% voluntary, and 100% confidential.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


New Trier High School
Class of 1973

"To commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity."

Welcome to the New Trier High School Class of 1973 web site. (East and West grads, friends, and hangers-on welcome!) Visitors to date: 207,456

This site has been established as a permanent social-networking facilitator for the New Trier Class of 1973 and friends. It is NOT going dark now or at any foreseeable time in the future. This site will be available indefinitely, as a resource to facilitate the organization of FUTURE events, including reunions. We also have a Facebook group to help folks communicate.

Please reach out to Classmates listed in the "Missing Classmates" section herein and refer them to this site,  If you want to search for that long-lost friend use their full name from the applicable Graduation Program and try,, or  They're free. What purports to be a complete list of every student who ever participated in the Center for Self-Directed Learning can be seen HERE.

Official Programs from the NTW and NTE '73 Graduation Ceremonies are now online and can be viewed HERE

**CHECK OUT VIDEOS MADE IN RECENT YEARS BY NEW TRIER STUDENTS HERE.  They are all great but the one by the Girl's Swim Team is especially cool (IMHO)! (Remember to wait a moment for the links to load up.)**

You can read all about the 40th reunion (held in 2013) here.

The 45th Reunion has its own Facebook group:

Thanks to Ralph Becker for organizing! 


I have received numerous e-mails, all of which express the same sentiment:


Let me repeat that:


All of the messages say that whatever amount is fixed as the per-person contribution to the reunion, we must take steps to ensure that no one misses the event as a result of concerns about cost.

Anyone who needs a waiver of the admission fee may obtain such a waiver -- no questions asked -- at any time by sending me an e-mail containing the word “WAIVER” in the subject line, and nothing else – except the name of the attendee(s) requesting the waiver.

I will be the only person who will receive any such e-mails, and will treat all of them as strictly and utterly confidential, such that I will go to my grave with the undisclosed knowledge of who, if anyone, requested and obtained such a waiver.

I thought this might be a good way of addressing the kindhearted and noble sentiments expressed by numerous classmates in multiple e-mails to me.

I always knew that New Trier was filled with softhearted commie pinkos.

All the Best,


If you are a New Trier West grad, you are welcome to attend the reunion contemplated by this website. Be aware that there is a separate site only for NTW grads:

To avoid confusion and duplication among this site and the NTW-only site, we removed the names of NTW grads who appear on the NTW site from the unclaimed profiles in this site. If you are a NTW grad and would like your profile to be included here, as distinct from the NTW-only site, just drop the undersigned an email and we will happily add you.


Kent Maynard, Jr.




If you have not yet joined the site, and are trying to join, you do NOT need to email me to get a password.  Each user sets his(her) own password upon first joining the site.  Here is how the process works.  Basically, you set your own password, the first time you log in:

At the home page, since you do not have an existing account, you should click on "JOIN HERE" where it says:

Not a member?

Then you will see a screen where you will find and click on YOUR name.  (You can search for your name by inserting your surname in the search box provided.)

After you have clicked on your name, you will be able to update your details.  This is where you fill in a blank with the password you choose.  Unfortunately, you only enter the password once, without any second-entry verification, so be careful, and make a note of what you enter, because you will need the password the next time you log in, and each time thereafter.

After you complete the details,  update your Profile.  Just follow the prompts.

If thereafter you FORGET your password, just click on the "forgot my password" link and instructions on how to re-set your password will be sent to your email address.

The bottom line is that to ensure privacy and security each user is uniquely involved in setting and changing his(her) password, and I am NOT involved -- except in extreme cases.  (An "extreme case" is when someone just can't get logged in for love or money.  If that happens to you, just send me an email at


One other thing:  The site does not seem to play well with Google Chrome for some reason.  If that is your browser, try using Firefox to access the site.  That seems to help some people.

Any snags please let me know.