Skokie School Memories

Wonderful stream of memories written by our classmate Paul Schulze, IV

Mr. Henderschott, and his white Cadillac convertible….. Mr. Shapiro, who was once a pitcher in the Cubs minor league system….. Mr. Belluomini, better known as Mr. Bell….. the relationship between Mr. Henderschott and Mr. Bell, that subsequently led to their dismissal….. Mrs. Jeanne Baxter, our fabulous drama teacher, who always reminded me of Carol Burnett….. Paula Harris, our typing teacher, who placed the keyboard layout on the wall in the front of the room and switched all the keycaps on the typewriters to force us to look up….. Miss Julia Krenwinkle, who taught us cursive and creative writing….. The time Rick Hayward fell asleep in Mr. Dodge’s class, and instead of waking him up, we all got up and left the room….. Kate Bicanich, our VERY traditional librarian, who used to penalize anyone leaning back in their chair when they fell over backwards….. Throwing our pencils upwards, so that they stuck in the library ceiling….. “Open Channel D”….. The Mimeograph machine, with its purple ink and its special smell….. Mr. San Fratello’s art class, where we learned that four drops of red added to four drops of white was NOT the same color as four drops of white added to four drops of red….. Mr. Bottom’s chorus classes, and the fiefdom he ran upstairs over the main entrance….. Boys taking Home Economics, and girls taking Shop… Shop and Print Shop rooms opposite the lunchroom….. Mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch, followed by a glazed doughnut for dessert, and giving Tom Gearhart a bite….. Lunchroom “tickets”….. Miss Hochberg, the desire of every eighth grade boy….. Segregated sex education….. Mr. Talbot and Mr. Pomponi, our PE teachers….. Running “the four trees”….. Bill Bricker coming over from Hubbard Woods to be the Bantams football coach….. the school symbol that reminded everyone of a swastika….. the time a group of us turned Miss Hochberg’s car sideways in her parking space, leaving her less than ½ inch clearance on either side….. lumber jackets….. white sox with your black loafers….. Fruit Loops (and I don’t mean the cereal)….. Miss Lola May, the best math teacher anybody ever had…..  “Rubber cigar for you!”….. Miss O’Banion (arrgh!!!)….. President Kennedy’s assassination and the Beatles coming to America….. smoking in the Boy’s room….. skitching down ice-covered roads….. Square dances in the gym….. Going to the movies at the Cootie House….. Wilson and Woolson dancing schools….. Superballs….. Yoyos….. skateboarding….. Saddle bags for your bike….. Surfer’s Cross….. outdoor ice skating in Hubbard Woods….. Hubbard’s Cupboard….. Fred’s Bicycle Shop, and Porter’s Electric (for your 45s!)….. The Silver Dollar Survey….. Charles’ Variety….. the “Suggestion” Box….. Beaches in the Summertime….. Skokie School “income taxes”….. Petty Brothers TV & Radio shop, where you could get your TV repaired….. and finally, graduation -- and splitting us all up between NTE and NTW.


Skokie Serves service award with bar for additional year's award.  Almost looks like a swastika.  Original design most likely pre-dated the Hitler years.  I hope it has been relegated to the dustbin of history by now.  Courtesy of Stuart L. Cohen