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•   Bruce Hughes  3/10
•   Patricia Daniels (Frye)  2/9
•   Pam Cartner (Morris)  2/8
•   Bruce Goodman  2/3
•   Peter Murgas  10/5
•   Kyle Pearce  9/20
•   Richard Gwyn  9/17
•   Pamela Campbell (Parrish)  9/6
•   Jonny Grogan  8/22
•   Susan Poindexter (McGee)  8/21
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This website is a great way for us to stay in touch with each other.

It also makes it much easier, and MUCH less expensive for us to contact you every five years when Reunion time comes around.

PLUS ... the site is available to you at no cost!

It you'd like to help out, you may make a donation through PayPal or by sending a check to Dave Willard, 731 N. Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104. 


Mount Tabor High School
Class of 1972

Welcome to the Mount Tabor High School Class of 1972 website ...

The Class That Never Was.

August 1966:  We were there the first day the school opened.  Lockers were not yet installed.  Each of us was assigned a space on a hall floor where we stacked our books.  We chose the mascot.  We chose the school colors. 

We were the youngest in the building ... The Seventh Grade Class.  All the older kids hardly knew we were there.

We were the 9th Grade Class when the school was cut to grades 9-12 in 1968.  We were going to graduate from Mt. Tabor ... as the only class that had been there, together, for six years.  We broke the school in and we were going to leave it in good hands.

Then came the shocking news during the Summer of 1971.  Mt. Tabor was to become a middle school and we were all going to be shipped off to different high schools to graduate.  We never even got to say goodbye to each other.

We arrived at our cross-town rival high schools unsure of what to do.  Do we remain apart or do we try to blend in?  Was it somehow unfaithful to our former school and classmates to join a sports team or to be a cheerleader?  Were we untrue to ourselves if we joined clubs, the band; or participated in Student Council?  Do we boycott classes?  Do we just put our heads down and shuffle through that last, awful year?  Or do we embrace the challenge, seize the opportunity, and take that next step toward the rest of our lives?

 We were, and still are, the Mount Tabor Class of 1972 ... The Class That Never Was.


We got through it ... but we still haven't said, "Goodbye."  We've had a reunion every five years since 1977.  That's eight reunions ... 40 years.  That can't be us.  We're not that old.  John F. Kennedy, the Civil Rights Movement, landing on the Moon, Vietnam ... these were the events that shaped us ... just as the hallways of Mount Tabor shaped us.  It was a time that promised we'd never grow old.

This is our official website, fully sanctioned by your "Reunion Committee."  Since our first reunion, we've been keeping up with each other through a printed Directory.  That Directory turned into a Word Document through the years ... and now it is time for our Directory to move to the world wide web.  This site does that.

If you haven't set up an account to use this site, please do so.  It is completely free.  It is through your account that we'll be able to keep up with you and let you know when and where we are all getting together again. 

In your account  please give us your correct snail mail address and telephone numbers.  Please give us your preferred email address.  Try to remember to keep everything current on this site. 

Tell us anything you'd like to say about yourself and what you've been up to under your Profile.  Upload any pictures, past or present.

Once you've set up an account, you can look at all of our classmates and their pictures ... you can even send them an email if you like.

It's all free to you.

No one other than logged in Classmates can see what you say about yourself.  Your addresses and phone number(s) cannot be viewed by spammers.

Our thanks to Bonnie Marshall who put our first Directory together, to Wes Brooks and Gary Gambrell for keeping it going through the years, and to Patti Crawford Church and Gary for bringing it up to date.

Our thanks also to Dave Willard, who put this site together and continues to volunteer to maintain it.