The Class That Never Was 45th +1 Reunion

We missed the "official" year for our 45th Reunion.  Many of us went to Mount Tabor's Legacy Reunion (50th anniversary of opening of the school) in the Fall of 2016, so there didn't seem like there was much interest in another reunion just for our class in 2017.

What do you think about a 45th +1 Reunion for us?

A shelter at Tanglewood has been reserved for Saturday, October 27th.  We'll have it catered by a BBQ place, BYOB, start around 2:00 pm, we have to be out of the shelter by 11:00 pm.  We'll see if the GB's are available, if not we'll find a DJ.

There is a home football game against Parkland on Friday night, October 26th.  (Homecoming is September 28th, we missed that.)

What do you think?   Please respond to this survey.   If there is enough interest we'll continue planning for October 27th, 2018.   If not, we'll work toward our 50th Reunion in 2022.   (That's scary, isn't it !!!!) 

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1)   * Count me in for our 45+1 Reunion at Tanglewood on October 27th, 2018.

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