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Welcome Classmates & Guests

Frenship High School Class of '87      Reunion 30 The Way we were....

This website and reunion is for any and everyone that attended Frenship Schools during any grades with the Class of 87 whether you graduated with the class or not.  The site and reunion is also for close friends of the class and there are many close friends in other classes.  If you were a close friend of the class we welcome you as well.  You will need someone from the class to send us a message to add your name to the website to gain access and attend the reunion.

Please register for the site to view all of it's contents and check back often as we update information.  We have a little under one year to get everything planned and gather everyone we can find and we will need your help.  We all want to have a fantastic and grand reunion the way only the Class of '87 could do it.

While viewing the Classmates Section to register for the site, if you see someone that should be on this list, please send us an email using the Contact Us page so that we can add them.  Also if you have details or contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses for people not registered yet or not listed on the site, please send us an email so we can reach out to them.

We need your help to have a large and successful reunion.  Please help us with contact information or share this website www.frenship87.com with a classmate and ask them to register or email us to be added to the list.

Instant Messanger Chat and Video Chat is now active on the site and you are welcome to chat with people here.  Click Live Chat. Please complete your own profile and add pictures of you then and now so we know how ugly you have gotten over the years!  Have fun with this site and be sure and check out the Survey Page as often as possible.  Email us with Survey Ideas as well. 


Reunion 30 will include a large selection of music from our youth.  From Country to Top 40 (CHR) and even a few Dance surprises.  We are very carefully selecting a entire collection of music for the main event on Saturday Evening.  If you have a special request, such as something that brings back a memory for you or you and someone special, let us know!  We can even program Dedications if you would like.  All you have to do is Contact Us and we will put it on the list and record the dedication.

The Music that was Ours....................












We hope to see you at the reunion June 16th and 17th. Our Facebook website has been hard to navigate and find information on. We are meeting at Ruby Tequilas off of 82nd and Quaker at 7:00. It will be a fajita buffet for $20.00. That includes a nonalcoholic drink and gratuity. Saturday morning we are having a breakfast at the fireman's Union Hall at 8:30. The price is $10.00 for breakfast. We hope to do a tour of the high school afterwards. Saturday at 6:00 we will meet back at Union Hall for a barbecue buffet. The cost is $30.00 for Saturday evening. The address for Union Hall is 8517 Urbana. We need a headcount by Friday. You. An mail a check to Leigh Harrison Bolt at 10005 Viola Ave. Lubbock, Texas 79424. Make the check out to Sandi Buchanan. If you can't get a check to us by Friday still come. We just need a headcount by this weekend for the food. We hope to see you there!