Support WHS!

We hope you feel that Woodside High School prepared you well for a bright future after high school.  Now it’s time to think about giving back.

There are countless ways for alumni to support WHS. Your time, energy, and financial contributions are vital to keeping Woodside's tradition of ensuring strong diverse, academic pathways for all WHS students no matter their financial means.  There is no more deserving community than the hard-working students at WHS who come from diverse, socio-economic backgrounds. 

You can:

  1. Donate to the WHS Foundation.
  2. Volunteer your time at WHS as a Guest Speaker or Mentor.   
  3. Donate to the SOS Scholarship Fund.
  4. Get involved in WHS Alumni events as a volunteer. (Contact the Alumni Committee at the WHS Foundation with your ideas.)
  5. Offer internships and jobs to WHS Students. (Contact the Alumni Committee at the WHS Foundation with your ideas.)


The Woodside High School Foundation provides a way to invest locally in your school and community for permanent impact.  You provide crucial financial support for academic excellence and diverse academic pathways.   Every dollar raised supports Woodside High School.