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Bishop McDevitt High School
Class of 1966


Well our 50th High School Reunion is a fond memory now.  Days later, I am still thinking of all the special things that happened, not only that night and the night before at the Meet and Greet but all the special conversations I had and emails I received from former classmates.  Some were touching and funny and sad but all were very very special.

What touched me the most was people who’s lives were not in the best place, shall we say, but they WANTED to come to their 50th Reunion.  These people touched my heart and soul.  And I hope that for a few hours that night they danced and talked and laughed and reminisced - forgetting their problems for just a little while.

Some special moments included:  Mrs. Marshall, Holy Martyr’s 2nd grade teacher making a special appearance; the former Sister Thomas Margaret (now Margaret Toner) attending at the prompting of Alice (Connor) Morgan; and Joanne (Mohr) Hartshorne’s 108 year old Dad, who is one of the few remaining veterans of World War II honoring us with his presence for part of the evening; some of us getting up and doing some Motown line dancing that was recently taught to us by Bonnie (Bunting) Crawford, the gorgeous decorations, the framed pictures of our graduation pictures, the “Then and Now” slide show.  I am sure many of you have your own memories that I hope you share on this website.  It will be active for at least another 6 months, maybe more.

Please check out the Class/Reunion Photo section for pictures of the evening.

For all of you who attended, I hope you had as wonderful of a time as I did.  I appreciate all the thank you’s that came my way and the flowers and gift certificate from my life-long friends, Judy, Clare, Michele and Lane.  And although I did spear-head the effort, I could not have done it without all the people who helped me in big and little ways.  

My only regret is that I did not get to talk to all the people I wanted to and there were several people who I really wished had been able to make it………..but there is always the 55th!!

I loved planning and attending our 50th Reunion.............hopefully you did too.  Let us all know your thoughts

Love to you all, Kathy (Bradley) Montrey

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Welcome to the Bishop McDevitt Class of 1966 Web Page.  I developed this website so we can connect with each other as we choose, find out about the up-coming reunion, see who is coming and maybe encourage those who are "not sure" to join us for this once in a lifetime evening.

We are stilll in the planning stages, but if you check our "50th Reunion" Section on the left side of this page you will find some details such as place, date, cost etc.

Please don't let teenage grievances from the past keep you from this reunion.  As some have said "how many more reunions will we have?"  We've all aged, we don't look like we used to and we've all lived 50 years since we spent 4 years together in those hallowed halls on Royal Avenue.  We've had joys and sorrows as well as successes and failures in those 50 years.  Many of us have grandchildren, most have retired.............and we are probably better people through those experiences.  Some have not made it to this place - see our section "In Memory" to see who has passed on (and if you know of anyone who should be on this page, please let the Site Administrator know).

Please check out "First Time Visitors" to see what this site has to offer.

We also have 100+ classmates who we have not been able to find for years.  They are listed in the "Missing Classmates" Section.  If you know where any of these classmates are, please also let the Site Administrator know (unless, of course, they don't want to be found).

I hope you find this website enjoyable and informative.  It is a "work-in-progress" and I welcome any comments or ideas to add to it or improve it.

Hope to see you all on October 29, won't be the same without you!!!

Kathy (Bradley) Montrey, Site Administrator