REUNION Weekend 2009


Sorry...  every other image is my face.  I need YOUR pictures!  Please post pictures to your profile, or send to me (Susan Choice Denny) and I can post to this Reunion Tab.

gonna do my best to ID who we can see, with some details to keep your place:

BACK ROW: Shelly Vest (in the vest), I think Aaron Crabtree is behind her, Susie Berling, Jamey Bouillion, Donna Schinkle (white shirt with beer in hand), Jay Highland, Eric Palmer, Andrea Freiberger, Tamika Sherman, Shannon Smith, Jennifer Powell, Mary Anne Taylor, Theresa Harken, Jackie Bogert (blue dress), Lisa Woodruff, Candy Dickerson, Kim Jones, Erica Workman, Mindy Montgomery, Cam Morris, Mike Beatty, Angela Gordner, Keri Howard, Jeri Lewis (hand
blocking face), Christine (Misty) Allison

FRONT ROW: David Herlihy, Lisa Carroll, Bobby Lytle, Judith Christian (in brown sweater), Jodi Hart, Brooke Wooldridge, Kelley Gustin, Tracy A. Jones (modeling in front), Emily Brown, Susan Choice, Lissa Fewster, Tya Netter, Terenna Valentine, Tammi Lowe, Tonya Sims, Felicia Kerney, Cheryl Valentine (in denim jacket)

Special Thanks to Valerie Brown, for these photos!

Amanda Landrum, Jo Ellen Sigler

Andrea Freiberger Harris & husband, Chris

Angela Gordner, Carol Thomas

Carl Harris, Chris Quinn, Geoff Duncan, Jeff Beeler
Jackie Wallace in the background

Charlie Lynch, Julie Juenger

Chris Quinn, Susan Choice, Valerie Brown

Emily Brown, Lisa Woodruff, Felicia Kerney

Felicia Kerney, Tara Brown, Paulette Finney

David Fleenor, Charlie Lynch, Terry Good

Jennifer Barlage, Kim Jones, Mindy Montgomery, Carol Thomas, Nicole Hitchens, Jackie Beatty, Jo Ellen Sigler
Candy Dickerson, Tya Netter

Jackie Beatty, Julie Juenger, Mike Beatty

Jackie Wallace Vander Woude & husband, Mike

Janet Friedman, Judith Christian, Lisa Carroll

Jeff Beeler, Greg DePugh, Todd Oates, Jeff Davis, Chris Quinn

Kandie Jones, Jodi Hart, Lisa Woodruff

Lissa Fewster, Susan Choice     SUPER close-up!

Lissa Fewster, Felicia Kerney, Janet Friedman, Lisa Woodruff
Kinda looks like Flea has blonde hair

Mark Rickey with wife, Lynn

Nicole Hitchens, Valerie Brown, Keri Howard, Cheryl Valentine

Robin Richter, Deacon Tomlinson, Charlie Lynch

Susan Choice, Geoff Duncan, Mike Beatty, Jeff Beeler, Carl Harris, Mindy Montgomery

Tara Brown, Susan Choice, Cheryl Valentine

Tina Keith Harris & Brett Harris

Todd Oates, Jennifer Maple Ellis & her husband Christian

Katrina Graves, Penny Kaltenbach

Jamey Bouillion, Carl Harris, Todd Oates, Jeff Davis, Olivia Morris, Cam Morris, Deanna Austin, Donna Schinkle


Very special thanks to Janet Friedman's sister, Linda Brown & her family, for allowing us to host our Family Picnic on their property.  It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful setting!

The Brown Family Compound

Gonzales Kids, Erica Workman Gonzales, Frank Gonzales, baby Zachary Allison-Cohn, Richard Cohn, Christine Allison-Cohn, Carol Thomas Huber

Deacon Tomlinson was fishing with his son, Nick

Chris Harris, Lisa Woodruff, Andrea Freiberger Harris, Julie Juenger
Jodi Hart & Brooke Wooldridge in the background

Susan Goofy Choice
and yes, I made it around the pond without taking in water

David Herlihy with his namesake.  What a cutie!  (the baby...  you too, Dave!)

Zachary Allison-Cohn (Christine "Misty" Allison)
Hmmmm...  I'll just have me some SHOE...

Lisa Woodruff with her sweet daughter, Sydney


Cam Morris with his son, Mikey

Can't have a picnic without some Buckeye Cornhole!
Cam Morris with his kids, Jara & Mikey

Lauren, Emma & Liz Cleary (Lissa Fewster)                                         
   Archie Makepeace (Janet Friedman)
                                                            Siri Lincke (Julie Juenger)
sorry, I couldn't make the images bigger


Shauna Bethel, Felicia Kerney, Susan Choice

Mary Anne Taylor, Aaron Crabtree & his wife, Gretchen


Cheryl Valentine, Tracy A. Jones, Tammi Lowe
Jeri Lewis, Keri Howard, Jackie Beatty

Susan Choice, Jackie Bogert


Jamey Bouillion & his wife, Stacia
Just before I took this, I was trying to take a picture of Jamey & Jeff Davis, but their mugs broke my camera.  Seriously, it would NOT function.  So I focused on Stacia...  voila!


Eric Palmer, Jennifer Powell, Jay Highland


Carrie Ater, Angela Gordner, Emily Brown


Susan Choice, Tamika Sherman


Chris Allard & his wife, Carole


Tonya Sims, Christine (Misty) Allison with Cheryl Valentine in the background


Judith Christian, Shauna Bethel, Carl Harris


Geoff Duncan, Joe Phillips, Bobby Lytle, Carl Harris, JR Netter


Jennifer Powell, Theresa Harken


Shannon Smith, Tamika Sherman, Julie Juenger


Lisa Carroll, Susan Choice, Carrie Ater


Mike Beatty & his wife, Lynn


Chris Allard, Cam Morris & Mike Beatty,
reading the 1989 CHS Senior Class Wills

Bryan Huber (Carol), Carol Thomas, Rich Allison (Christine), Frank Gonzales (Erica), Christine Allison, Erica Workman

Tina Keith, Carol Thomas, Erica Workman, Mindy Montgomery
Kim Jones, Angela Gordner

Geoff Duncan, Tamika Sherman, Sheba Montaudo

Terenna Valentine Cox with her husband, Kevin

Tracy A. Jones, Joe Phillips, Matthew Valentine
Cheryl Valentine, Jeri Lewis, Keri Howard, Jackie Beatty

Rebecca Barnhart Purvis & her husband, Jamie

Susan Choice and Eric Palmer

Melissa & Brent Elam

Jennifer Powell and Jackie Wallace

Shelly Vest & Terry

Tiffany Butler Baldwin and Judith Christian

Nate Baldwin and Mark Rickey, with David Fleenor in the background

Keelee Cousins, Jennifer Barlage, Erica Workman
* our Dancing Banquet Server is Mr. Bradley's daughter!

Kelley Gustin Everhart with her husband, Lance

Jackie Bogert Wohlford with her husband, Mark

Lissa Fewster and Emily Brown...  Judith Christian in the background

Tammi Lowe and Susan Choice

David & Leah Herlihy

Stephen & Lisa Carroll Ater   *   Joe & Carrie Ater Feltis

Mindy Montgomery and Kim Jones
saying our good-byes in the hallway

Carrie Ater, Lisa Woodruff, Jackie Bogert, Todd Oates, Shauna Bethel, Mark Wohlford
at Patrick's Pub, a few hours before Shauna walked to Steak N' Shake at 3am.  Thanks Todd, for trailing her (you were supposed to stop her) to make sure she didn't get run over.  And thank you Carrie Ater & Joe Feltis for picking them up when they decided they didn't want to walk back to the hotel.

For a few us, our night ended around 5am.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm only used to seeing that bedtime when my kids were infants!  Our hope is that everyone had a great time, with cherished old & new friends.  Wishing you Good Health, Love & Happiness all ways & always ~