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Tamara Kelley, you and your beautiful smile will be missed.  originally posted Feb 2009

Chillicothe, you are famous...
The second web article is about Ozzy Osbourne's recent visit to Chilli.  Reminds me of when John Cougar Mellencamp actually went by John "Cougar" Mellencamp and played at OU-C.  If memory serves, I think there was even a glimpse of Judith (Christian), front & center, in a little picture that made it into a news brief in a national magazine (Rolling Stone?)Just a little "Jack & Diane" and Judith.
If anyone else has any Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind and would like to share a story or picture,  please feel free to post or send to me.   originally posted Dec 2008




To My FRIENDS           Scott Butler just lost his father today Jan 5, 2009 and for whatever it is worth to me and maybe alot others of you that are in our class of 89, please send him a response, I know IF it was me that I would rather hear form you also for better comfort, Doctor Butler ment alot to many of us over the years, as his family has touched everyone in some way or fashion, I could say myself exspeically, but Better than that my son is scott's god son, and I have not ever seen my son shed tears because he is like me, But he did and he said he loved Mr Butler more than anything In the world, So I say not out of friendship but out of respect, please comfort my friend scott with communication, old friends do wonders.   thanks 89  (Carl Harris)  originally posted Jan 2009