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03/30/09 07:35 PM #1883    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Hey I miss every one. I will try and remember here and facebook. I just wanted to tell every one hi. If you want to call me my cell is 435-840-4257.

04/10/09 10:36 PM #1884    

Melissa Barwick (Peck)

Happy Easter and Passover everyone! I hope spring is starting out great for everyone.

things here on the coast are starting to bloom and bud. it is so beautiful. hard to believe last year this time we were planning the reunion! SO FUN!!!! Time flys.

Love to all, I miss you guys. xxoxoxoxoxo

04/16/09 02:52 PM #1885    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)


It's been WAY too long! How is everyone? How was Easter? spring break? life?

If it would ever stop snowing, I'd start talking about a picnic...

04/29/09 02:36 PM #1886    

Cydnee Montague (Jaskolski)

Congrats Melissa! That is so awesome!
Natalie - yessssssss, Spring Fever! It's snowing at my house right now.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBuuuR!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Hello everyone ;)

05/08/09 03:04 PM #1887    

Chris Anderson

Hey All, I wanted to drop by and say hi, hope all is well with everyone. Gosh this weather I still don't know if I should take a jacket or shorts??????????
Have a good one.

06/30/09 12:24 AM #1888    

Tamra Olsen (Martinez)

Hey everyone!! WHAT THE? No one has posted on the sight forever?? Hope all is well! Lets get together!

07/12/09 08:33 PM #1889    

Steve Dewey

Yo!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well. Just checking in to see what has been happening on the forum. Thinking about this same time last year. It was great to see you all. Keep in touch....

08/05/09 12:21 PM #1890    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that a fellow Hillcrest Alum died yesterday. His name was Allen Thornell, he graduated class of 89, was involved in debate, and was just a great guy.

To learn more about him and his extraordinary life read this tribute:

08/07/09 09:06 PM #1891    

Tamra Olsen (Martinez)

Just think about this time last year!! We were all so excited to see each other and the reunion was only a day away. WOW it has already been a year! I think about all of you and hope all is well. Dont be strangers! Love you all Hillcrest pals!!

08/10/09 01:29 AM #1892    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)

Me too, Me too! Good post Tami!

09/01/09 12:49 PM #1893    

Hiedi Hammer (Johnson)

Hi everyone! Just checking in to say hello, I spend most of my time on Facebook. If you're not there.....get there!
Take Care All!

09/01/09 05:42 PM #1894    

Carrie Widener (Whytock)

WOW know one as wrote anything for a while !!!

09/09/09 11:46 AM #1895    

Jennifer Hales (Maughan)

Does anybody know where Eric Froisland is!!!????

09/15/09 02:58 PM #1896    

Angela Tidwell (Hasenberg)

yes! he's on facebook.

10/09/09 11:16 AM #1897    

Jennifer Hales (Maughan)

Thank you!

10/17/09 12:17 AM #1898    

Tori Crawford (Hawkins)

Hi every one seems every one is gone. Maybe to face book

02/06/10 12:56 PM #1899    

Tamra Olsen (Martinez)

Hello Hello Hello is anybody in here? Just nod if you can hear me .. Is there anyone home!

12/14/10 05:55 AM #1900    

Dave Jordan


05/13/12 04:17 PM #1901    

Steve Dewey

Looks like this forum is yet another victim of Facebook!

05/06/13 10:35 PM #1902    

Steve Dewey

Are we gonna fire this bitch up again or make a FB page???

05/06/13 10:44 PM #1903    

Dawn Banta (Christensen)

I forgot how to use this page


05/06/13 10:58 PM #1904    

Steve Dewey

You did it!!!!!!!

05/07/13 03:19 PM #1905    

Hiedi Hammer (Johnson)

This forum is hilarious! Are we Beta testers? WTF? Are we shooting for August 24th for the summer get together?

07/17/18 09:07 PM #1906    

Nathan Peirce

Make sure to check out the 30th reunion page on facebook. Looks like it is set for August 17th.

Some of us are still following this older site, so I thought I'd send this along.


07/17/18 09:08 PM #1907    

Nathan Peirce

As a link this time...

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