May 31, 2017 meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Present:  Ron Price, Don Homer, Bill Wedley, Ed Jackson, Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley, Ellis Brieddal, Sheila (Brown) Ward.

1. Review of Sunday Brunch

  1. 67 people registered. 10 from 1959 class and 6 from 1957 class.Three were unable to attend.
  2. Marg (Dance) Chalmers as emcee kept every involved and welcome.Three was a good atmosphere.
  3. People enjoyed the various stories related by each classmate.
  4. The Lynn Valley group (Phil Vignal and John Wilson) did an excellent job with pictures that are now on the website.
  5. Show of hands was in favour of the first week of May for next year’s reunion.Slight preference for one day, but could be two days.
  6. Diana Davidson extended her preconference invite to all.
  7. Ron Price took care of the banking and dispersed the funds.
  8. Some budget details are as follows:

2. Reunion date

The 60th year reunion is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018. As well as Saturday, events may take place on the Friday and Sunday.The website will be used to canvas the preferences of classmates. Two main questions will be raised

  • An event over 1 or 2 days.
  • Type of event – cocktails and dinner, luncheon, lunch cruise, informal brunch on subsequent

3. Communication methods

Regular mail, email and the website will be used to publicize our event.  The lost list needs to be analyzed to re-locate people. Bill Wedley will produce an updated lost list that the committee will consider prior to and at the next meeting.  As well, he will post an updated lost list on the website.

4. Report on Website

The committee analyzed statistics on the website

  • Since inception in 2013, there have been 11,600 visitors.
  • 117 people have joined, 205 have not.Most of those who have not are on the lost list.
  • Of the 117 who have joined, 32 have posted pictures
  • 76 classmates have been online in the last 30 days.59 of them were online in the past week.
  • Usage peaked immediately after the brunch (> 50 on May 8, >40 on May 9.
  • Notable in the usage is that (1) some are very active and (2) some are observers.Irrespective of which category, people get enjoyment from visiting.

5. Sullivan Bursary

Solomon Rodgers of Seycove is the 2017 winner of the Classes of ’58 Bursary in Honour of Barry Sullivan.  The fund currently has $11,083 which is estimated to be sufficient for another 8 years.

Bill Wedley reported that two donation forms were put on each table at the brunch and most were picked up by classmates.  Thus, more donations may be forthcoming.

Bill Wedley is to update the donor form on the website.  As well, he is to put a list of the recipients we have helped since 1990.

6. Other Items

Budget, Publicity Gifts and Door Prizes will be considered at future meetings when we have a better idea of events.

7. Next Meeting

Wednesday, August 23, 2017