Getting Around Atlanta


I'm not going to lie to you -- I've spent most of my life driving in both Los Angeles and Seattle, and braved the streets of Frankfurt, Paris, Rome and a few other European cities where drivers seem to consider the rules of the road to be mere general guidelines -- but driving in Atlanta seems to have its own special challenges!  During our recent site visit to beautiful Atlanta, I spent most of my time in the car (as a passenger!) with my eyes closed!  So -- I have a few suggestions for getting our group around the city while we're there in September for the 3rd Annual Rhein Main Reunion.

I'm sure we'll have quite a few "locals" who will drive their personal vehicles to the reunion, and will be happy to include a few passengers when we get out and about.  A few hardy others will probably rent a vehicle, and will also include those of the group who need a ride.

During our site visit, we tried Uber and had very positive expeiences!  Stan has the "Uber App" and it probably couldn't have been any easier -- simply key in your location and destination, and they send you the name and description of the vehicle of your driver, who miraculously appears in front of you mere moments later.  The best part:  no money is ever exchanged; the app takes the money from the account automatically.  Easy-peasy!

Our reunion HQ, the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport, offers a free hotel shuttle to/from the airport, running every 15 minutes during the day.  Not only is this great on arrival/departure, but also handy to access MARTA.

A MARTA Breeze Pass may be purchased and used for multiple days; the train is clean, fast, and efficient, and will get us to most of our tour destinations lickety-split.  We will purchase MARTA passes for the group (you'll find the link to that purchase on the Registration page) ahead of the reunion to take advantage of group pricing.  We'll ride the MARTA on Friday when we visit Centennial Park, CNN, World of Coca Cola, etc -- this will allow anyone who prefers to skip a portion of that day to return to the hotel ahead of the rest of the group if they choose.