2020 Reunion Dinner


I would like to update everyone about our scheduled reunion in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

As we all know, the virus is affecting everyone.

Due to the virus and uncertainly of the 2020 Oktoberfest / Reunion being held,
I'm going to delay receiving your payments for the Friday evening reunion dinner.
** I will post when to send me your check for $40 per person (PP). 

I'm talking with the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce.
I will send any updates, as I get them.
Sorry to say it, but this will be a hurry up and wait situation.
Sorry for the uncertainty, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
During the 2020  Rhein Main Reunion in Frankenmuth, we will have a Reunion Dinner.
We have 75 seats available.

I will start taking payment for the dinner in July 2020.  ??????

I wish I could give you a more definite answer.

As reunion host, I'm responsible for everyone.  I want to make sure, its safe for our folks to attend as a group.  I will keep you updated.

Stan Miller

Sorry to say it, but this will be a hurry up and wait situation.

Sorry for the uncertainy, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Stan Miller -- Any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

The first 125 folks that register and make their payment, will be able to attend the dinner.
The ones that don't see the urgency of making their reservation, will be wishing they had
did what was published. Snooze and you are going to loose.

People are not looking at the website.  Instead, they email me and I'm getting questions:

What are the dates of the reunion ?

What time do I need to be there ?

Many believe the reunion is this year.  When they show up, they will have wished they had read the website.

I will update as the time comes available.

Stan Miller - Reunion Host

Sorry to be on my soap box, but your help is needed to make this reunion successful
and fun for all. All I ask, please do what you are asked to do, when you are asked !!!!!


2020  Rhein Main Reunion Dinner
For now, this is for your planning purposes.
An email will be sent out to everyone on the website
???? 2020, informing them to complete
their registration for the Friday night dinner,
with payment $40 per person. 

In order to get one of the 75 seats, you will need to
register and pay for your meal by sending me a check.

I will ask for your name and who will be in your party. Cost will be $40 pp.

1st Come / 1st Served -  SNOOZE / YOU LOOSE
Sorry, but there will NO exceptions.

If I have not recieved your check by then, SORRY.
There will be NO exceptions.

18 (Friday)  Must have dinner tickets for admission -- $40 Per Person

         - 1700 -- Zehnders Restaurant - Social Hour
         - 1730 -- Group Photo
         - 1745 -- Prepare to be Seated
         - 1800 -- Reunion Group Dinner
         - 1915 - Reunion Program  - then, we will go to the Oktoberfest
         - 1930 -- Oktoberfest in Heritage Park

    What better hospitality room can we get than the actual Oktoberfest
                   celebration going on? More information to follow.