Rhein Main Wing Commanders

Rhein Main Air Base Wing Commanders and Senior Enlisted Advisors

Do you know the names of the 435th Tactical Wing

and Air Wing Commanders from 1975 -2005

Please make any corrections / additions.


1967 - Richard E Tiede, COL - 7310 TAW

1969 - Frank L Kimbrough , COL- 7310 CSS

1969 - Wilbert Turk, COL - 7310 TAW

1977 - Crichton, XX COL

1978 - 1980? Springer, Robert Lt. GEN

1980 - 1982? Sims, John COL

1982-1983 Kelley, Frank M Gen Deceased

1983 - 1985 Peirolo, Ernest COL

xxxx - xxxx Peoples, Ronnie COL (Deceased)

1985 - June 1988 Fister, Bruce B Gen
Vice Commander and later Wing Commander

1988 - -89 Williams, David Col.
1989 - xxxx ? John Handy Gen
1989-1991 Thomas Micolajacik was Vice Commander, then Wing Commander from July 89 to July 91. Retired as BGen and passed in 2010

xxxx-1992 Philphitt, Donald Colonel, Last Commander for the 435th TAW

1992-xxxx ?? Hobson, James MG (Possibly served at Base and Wing Commander) April 1992, Commander, 435 AW

xxxx Hanson, General (?) ???

xxxx Michael Polhemus Col

Believed to be final Commander of 726 AMS

435th TAW became 435 Airlift Wing (435 AW) Was realigned from MAC to USAFE 1 April 1992

435th AW was inactivated April 1, 1995

Rhein Main AB - 469th Air Base Group (ABG)

Rhein Main AB - 726th Air Mobility Squadron

The last 3 commanders of the 469th ABG were:

Col Stephen Nelson (1999-2001)

Col Christine Prewitt (2001-2003)

Col Bradley Denison (2003-2005 closure)

On 1 April 1992 the 435th TAW was realigned from Military Airlift Command (MAC) to United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and redesignated as the 435th Airlift Wing (435 AW).

On 1 April 1995, the 435 AW was inactivated with Col Donald A. Philpitt, USAF as its last commander.

The 435 AW was replaced by the 469th Air Base Group (469 ABG) under USAFE and the 726th Air Mobility Squadron (726 AMS) under AMC.

The 469 ABG inactivated on 10 October 2005, with the 726th Air Mobility Squadron being the last USAF unit at Rhein-Main Air Base.


What dates did these SEA's serve at Rhein Main?

SEA -- Senior Enlisted Advisor's

Dave McGowan, CMSGT (Under BG Fister and continuing under Col. Johnson

Miller, Oscar, CMSGT

Brown, Russell, CMSGT

Atkinson, Don, CMSGT

Ringler, Ronald, CMSGT

Miller, Thomas, CMSGT (?)

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