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All of us are Veterans and I would like to suggest and recommend the following information.
A friend of mine has written these books and they clearly explain your Veteran Benefits and how to obtain them. (The books are very USER FRIENDLY)

I suggest book # 4.
$89.95 -- Note: You get what you pay for. Quality information about your VA Benefits.
Veterans Benefits- A complete guide to your entitlements: The complete benefits collection

Stan Miller - Rhein Main Veterans Reunion Group - Co Host / Webmaster
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Veterans Informing Veterans, LLC is an all-Veteran team who has spent well over 5000 hours sifting through over 500 websites, manuals, and publications to clearly layout the civilian-to-military transition process, as well as a one-stop location for all benefits. They have created a Veterans and service members self-help book series designed to help maximize benefits and services we to which we are entitled. Whether you've served 2 years or 40 years, this group has found benefits most do not know they are entitled to. For more information about this team, or to see exactly what's in their book series sold on Amazon, or their online help options, go to