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07/20/14 10:27 AM #1    


Stanley Miller

Welcome to the Rhein Main Air Base Veterans 2015 Reunion forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

The Reunion Planning Group is putting allot of time into making this reunion to be an awesome event.

Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.

09/14/14 08:41 PM #2    


Carole Ridgeway/Paddock (Lail)

I'm so excited to be a part of the planning committee for the 2015 Rhein Main Air Base Reunion, and look forward to seeing everyone in beautiful Leavenworth, WA, next July.  Please pass on this reunion information to anyone you know who may have been a part of the Rhein Main AB family (active duty, retired, civilian or family member -- all are welcome).

Carole (Ridgeway/Paddock) Lail

Rhein Main  1979 - 1984

09/15/14 07:41 PM #3    


Dave Hobley

Hello Everyone, as your Reunion Host I am very excited to be a part (once again) of a GREAT Rhein Main Air Base Team, helping to make this 2015 Reunion happen for all of us!  I, and our Reunion Team of Co-Hosts and Volunteers are super excited to continue planning for what is already going to be an awesome event, in order to refine every detail to make it the best Reunion yet!   

We are super excited to see many of you once again and to meet all of our Team Rhein Mainers who will be in attendance!  

If you should have any questions, comments or suggestions what so ever, feel free to contact myself or any one of our Reunion Co-Hosts and/or Volunteers and we will do whatever we can to get you the assistance/information that you need!

Thank you for visiting the Rhein Main Air Base Reunion 2015 Website and please be sure to visit some of the following Websites, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages and Groups to expand your Rhein Main Air Base Memorial Experience!

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Thank you,
Dave Hobley






09/16/14 10:19 AM #4    

Randy Smith

What a fantastic movie tribute! This brought back wonderful recollections of my three years at Rhein-Main and shall always be some of my fondest memories. So many sights, places and scenes of my life there were brought to mind and I recall fondly my last visit in 2007. Thanks for allowing me to "go back" and experience once more the glory that was our beloved Rhein-Main. Randy Smith 7167th Air Transport Squadron 1962-1965.

09/17/14 11:35 AM #5    


Robert Carlson

I was in BCE, Construction Management 79 and 80.

12/04/14 11:44 PM #6    


Dave Hobley

01/29/15 01:25 PM #7    


Daniel Parsons

Was in the 1945 Communications Squadron from 1979-1980. I am making plans to come up to Leavenworth and be at the Reunion. I have some fond memories of going to the villages around Frankfurt and having a real German meal in their Gasthauses.


Airman First Class

08/14/16 04:48 PM #8    

Robert Nelson


The latest forum was asking about Col.Clay. He was the DCM while I was in Maintenance Control between 1975 - 1977. Ted Clay was a great man and he added comments to my APR on two occasions. He would invite me out to his house for lunch on occasion in Buschlag which was just down the road from the main gate. The house was real nice and I assume it was for senior officers while stationed at R/M. He just wanted to chat and always treated me as a member of his inner team. It was a great privilege to work for him.

08/15/16 10:43 PM #9    


Stanley Miller

Awesome,  Thanks.
Will you be attending the reunion in Dayton?  Looking forward to seeing you and your wife.


08/16/16 05:15 PM #10    

Robert Nelson


Sorry I can't make it this year. Really busy with work. Maybe next year.

Bob Nelson

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