from Ellen Fischer Jackson


Our Classmate, Ellen Fischer Jackson is

on the Board of the

Alton Educational Foundation (AEF).


The mission of this organization is to

enhance educational opportunities,

support academic excellence and

encourage student achievement

in the Alton School District.


Established in 2001, the AEF has raised and donated over $100,000 to assist the district in achieving this objective by providing grants to teachers.


Teachers use the funds from grants for specific and defined purposes, including enabling innovative classroom experiences, introducing novel programs, and providing classroom materials not otherwise afforded.


The AEF is launching a new membership program in 2014 called

Guardians of Education.

Individual and business membership levels

range from $5 per year to $1000 or more per year.


Through Guardians of Education, the AEF hopes to generate a reliable revenue stream which will allow more effective planning and support for the ever-changing educational needs in the district.


"I think it would be great

if the Class of 1974

were to have the largest participation

of any AHS class

in Guardians of Education program!"



With individual Guardians of Education memberships that range from $5 up $1000 or greater annually, each new Guardian of Education member will receive recognition commensurate with his/her giving.

(See the chart provided on the first link below this one)     


In addition, we will group all of the Class of 1974 individual memberships together for a Class grand total.



If the grand total for our class is:

  • between $500-$999, the Class of 1974 will be recognized as
    • Valedictorian level
  • $1000 or greater collectively, the Class of 1974 will be recognized as
    • Emeritus level

on plaques to be placed in each Alton school building lobby & Board office.

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More info can be found at 

or by selecting Educational Foundation

from the Alton School District website at