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07/08/19 10:02 PM #1    

John D McCracken

So how do I post reponses?

07/16/19 05:52 PM #2    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

Hello John: 

Where are you trying to post a reply? 

Let me know and I will try to help you 


Sandy (Kenner) Pritts

12/15/19 05:09 PM #3    

Sharon L Rubin (Hamilton)

I don't know if this is the right place for this.  I received an email advertizing t-shirts and other items for AHS alumni and almost ordered some things. Then I realized that the color and the images were not ours.  And the prices were high.  Do we have a place to  get these things.  I think some others also received the same thing froom the response on the email.

12/15/19 07:02 PM #4    

William H Culp

  Hi Sharon,

  You can contact Paula Foreman at our Alumni Association.

Email her @

  She will be able to answer your questions about AHS Items.

  I hope to see you in August at our Reunion.

  Bill Culp

12/16/19 12:18 PM #5    


Donna J Corbin (King)

I suddenly cannot respond to birthday, deaths, or general announcements I receive,  but I can read everyone else's comments.  Has our communication network changed? Please help!  

Donna King


12/16/19 01:26 PM #6    

William H Culp

    Hi Donna,

    I got your message. There has not been a change as far as I know.

   It might be OK now that I have gotten this message from our web site.

  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  Bill Culp


12/16/19 06:51 PM #7    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)


nothing has been changed. I would suggest you reboot your machine 

and log into our website again  let me know if you are still having problems 


02/08/20 10:04 PM #8    

Sharon L Rubin (Hamilton)

I know that this sounds silly but I would like to write to the Sandy in our class that took such good care of My mother.  My mother thought of her as an extra daughter.  It was hard for her after we all grew up and moved away.  Sandy was always there.  My problem is I can't remember her last name either her maiden or married.  Please if you get this message please respond.  I would love to spend some time with you at the reunion in August.  I am hoping I will be able to come.  

06/09/20 10:26 PM #9    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

Hi Sharon: 

I'm sorry but I jusy saw your message about looking for a Sandy that helped your mother. 

I could give you a list of Sandy's from our class.  Was it someone from our class? 

I am one of them.   Sandy Kenner Pritts  

Let me know


06/10/20 01:59 PM #10    

Sharon L Rubin (Hamilton)

She was blond and a member of our class and use to clean my mom's place but soon became more than that.  I wish i could remember.  There were so many Sandy's in our class.  I know it wasn't you.  If you could somehow post this question orr some how get the message out I would be grateful.  I would like to see her at the reunion when we eventually have it.  

06/10/20 02:12 PM #11    

Sharon L Rubin (Hamilton)

Could you check with Sandy Dean Kane.   this sounds familiar and if it is she could you ask her to contact me.  

06/10/20 03:07 PM #12    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

It could be Sandy Dean Kane.  She did that kind of work for a long time.  I just lost her contact information and I'm trying to get her new info.  Ill lt you know when I find out anything. 


06/10/20 09:14 PM #13    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)


I just got off the phone with Sandy Dean Kane.  She is the right person.  She was so excited and 

said many nice things aoabout your mother. 


She would like you to call her  717-352-6425.


Enjoy connecting.   

Sandy Kenner Pritts

08/08/20 05:48 AM #14    

Robert C Melhorn

Thanks Sandy for finding me . great too see the names from the past , also sad to see how many we have lost. If my health holds , hope to see you next year. I have only been to 1 , the 35 and it wasnt the best, the A/C broke down at the Remada , bummer ... thanks again Bob Melhorn way up here in Peru NY at the foothills to the Adirondacs and on the shores of Lake Champlain 

12/16/20 11:56 AM #15    

Jeffrey Varnes

Sorry to hear of Linda Africa Polito's passing. Went to elementary, Junior and Senior High School with Linda. Very sweet person. 

03/09/21 02:39 PM #16    

Robert C Melhorn


03/09/21 03:44 PM #17    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

Robert your Birthday was listed on the Home Page, go to the bottom. 

Happy Birthday (But I had already sent one before)  

Judy Burket is Judy Burket Ellis now.  She was friends with Judy Clark.  She is still alive.   Sandy 

03/10/21 11:31 AM #18    

Robert C Melhorn

thanks SANDY for the update on Judy , glad to hear she is still with us .. I didnt know the other Sandy .. Thanks again from the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain and Peru Summer gets here in july and lasts till the end of August .. LOL 

03/31/21 11:09 AM #19    

Robert C Melhorn

To Edison folks , did we have a Judy Rhodes in our class ? Remember a girl with dark hair and freckles , think she wore it in a pony tail most times ...... Thanks Bob Melhorn 

04/19/21 03:52 PM #20    

Jeanne L Mather (Stamm)

So sorry to hear of Sandy Gutshall Kline" passing. I knew her from Stevens Elementary School, and 

later in high school. We are losing so many classmates lately. May she find the healing and peace she

so rightly  deserved.     Jeanne Mather  Stamm

04/20/21 12:49 PM #21    

Arlene A Wales (Weymer)

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Sandy Gutshall . We met in Pl.Valley Elementry school and we were good friends, then I went To Roosevelt and caught up with her In AHS, 

Am sending deppest sympathys to her family as she was very special to me. 

God Bless you Sandy and will be hoping to see you in heaven one day.

Arlene (Wales) Weymer

04/22/21 01:57 PM #22    

Gerald E Benton

Betsy and I are sad to hear of Sandy's death. Our sympathy goes out to Dave, her mother, and all her family.

Jerry Benton

04/22/21 09:50 PM #23    

Nicki A Davis (Bibbo)



I am so sorry to hear of Sandra's death. I have very fond memories of our times together in Altoona so many years ago.


04/27/21 02:21 PM #24    


Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

Class of 1960 Reunion Committee - All are welcome 

Place:  Hoss's in Altoona in their back room. 

Date and Time:  Thursday May 6th at 12:00 noon 


Message from Darlene:  

 I have talked with Michele at the Casino and we have some very big business to discuss.

If you cannot attend this meeting please send me an email and tell me your thoughts about do you still want a reunion? The casino is probably out due to room requirements. 175 to 200 people.

Would you like 2 nights at the Swiss Club or

none at all.

I wonder about those flying will they need a vaccine passport to get on the airplane?

Many new issues and questions, and is it even worth the risk.

Please come to the meeting or email me to let me know what you want.

Looking forward to seeing you!




04/27/21 04:29 PM #25    


Randall A Schoch

We will not be coming to the reunion this year. Just keep our payment until the next reunion. Randy Schoch

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