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Update: 4/2017

Take a look inside the planning committee for the 1967 reunion with this interview of Class President John Mullin '67. 


Update: 12/2016

UMass ChE Grad students May 1967 


Update: 8/2016

Fifty years ago we began our senior year.  Remember packing up and arriving on campus with no cell phones or computers, but with dreams of a successful year and life goals to achieve? Let’s join together for reunion celebrations, both online and on campus, as we kick off this milestone year.

Don't miss out on Homecoming from September 30 - October 1, 2016:

Friday, September 30

  • 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Gather at the University Club. Light refreshments can be purchased. Parking directions will be posted on the website. 
  • 7:30 p.m. Attend the Multibands Concert at the Fine Arts Center. Purchase your tickets today
  • View the full schedule at /Homecoming. 

Saturday, October 1

  • 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Tailgate, planning and remembering (class of 1966 invited). Requests for ‘67 tailgate area being considered.  Details TBA on website.
  • 3:30 p.m. Tulane vs. UMass Football Game – $10 /ticket.  Contact Allie Levine  at 413-577-7247 or for ’67 block tickets. Tickets mailed. 
  • Post-game gathering at the Harp (formerly Mike's) in North Amherst. Please watch website for possible location change.  

Class of '67 Reunion Update: 

Join the Reunion Planning Team

Mark your calendars 

  • Our 50th Reunion will take place during Alumni Weekend from June 2-3, 2017!

Connect with fellow classmates and stay informed  

  • Log onto our Reunion website,  to created your profile, post pictures and connect with friends. Spread the word to reach those for whom the university may not have current contact information. While on the website, enjoy editions of the Reunion Collegian created for our 25th and 30th Reunions.  

50th Reunion Gift

  • Our class will join in the university tradition of giving a class gift as part of our 50th Reunion Celebration. Details are still being finalized, but we have gained approval to raise money for the naming rights for the entrance lobby of Old Chapel (currently under renovation) to honor Dr. George Richason '73, Chemistry Professor Emeritus who carried the University Mace (our graduation class gift) at Commencement each spring for decades.
  • We are also activating the Legacy Campaigns of our 25th and 30th Reunion years honoring Dean William Field ’89 Hon, Dean Helen Curtis, Mr. Robert Doolan, Coach Richard Garber ’90 Hon, and Fr. Joseph Quigley ’91 Hon.  However, gifts of any amount can be directed to the university as you choose. More details on the specifics of our class gift and instructions on how to support it will be coming soon! 

 Get a jump-start on Alumni Weekend 

  • In the afterglow of the Rio Olympics, take part in the class read. The first book suggested is Boys in the Boat: 9 Americans & Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics by Daniel James Brown.  Who wants to lead this activity or suggest additional books?  
  • Get out your UMass memorabilia and photos. We are in a partnership discussion with University Archives to gather in an outstanding Class of ’67 collection to showcase our identity.

Exciting times ahead for the Class of 1967!

Helen Cassoli O’Donnell ’67, ’69 MEd, ’71 CAGS, ’99 EdD
Class Secretary


Please save these dates today,
To return to UM and play.
Join your classmates to say,
How events can be planned your way.

We may be growing old,
But Class of '67 memories you hold.
This outreach to make sure you are told,
About reunion plans that will unfold.

Let us know you care,
Join the website to share,
Write stories if you dare,
Post pictures so rare.

A '67 archives we will fill,
Beanie, Mug book, or UM bill.
Share your treasures, if you will,
Do you have them still?

Here is what you can do -
Yes, we are contacting you.
If you don't join us boo-hoo,
We need to hear from you.

                               - Helen Cassoli O'Donnell 




1967 Class Officers:

John Mullin, President
Jim Wilkey, VP
Helen Cassoli O'Donnell, Secretary

May 2016

Hey everyone, can you believe it's been 50 years since we all ran into each other daily on the Amherst campus, spent a nickel on a cup of coffee at the Hatch, read by the campus pond when it still looked like one, or actually attended an entomology lecture in the original Fernald Hall.

It's been a few years and, to be honest, many of us have never returned to campus or attended a class reunion or given the campus or University much thought. We've all been busy, working, traveling, continuing our education, living far away, serving in the military, in government, with charities, or overseas.

We've all had problems, successes, diversions, love and crises. Many of us have had children, and through them, have involvement with many other educational institutions. All of them looking for funding. There are family commitments, job commitments, financial commitments and a thousand reasons why we have not returned. Wow! Some of us even live in New England and have not returned.

But, your class officers, who have remained friends over the years, have always felt that during our days in Amherst, we had one of the greatest classes, one of the greatest groups of people that ever gathered together on this campus. We always believed that we were special, and, judging from some of our accomplishments, we now know it!

We believe that there are some of us who have not kept in touch and remained friends with at least a few of our former classmates. We are seldom together, nor do we speak often, but those friendships renew immediately when we speak or visit together. We feel as if we were never apart.

We've all heard about the seven degrees of separation, a theory which states that we are all related by two generations. We think that friendship operates on a similar principal. If we can reconnect classmates and bring as many classmates back together on campus virtually or face-to-face, then we can ignite some of that old magic in Amherst and continue to make a difference! If we each reach out to our class friends, we can create a real "Event" in Amherst that might just change our lives and, who knows, perhaps the World. 

Let's give it a try! We may not have too much more time to do this. At this time in our lives, perhaps some of us are looking for a project, an adventure, or a passion. We can make this our best event ever. Better than the Kingsman, The Four Seasons, Simon and Garfunkel, The Kingston Trio and other headliners who performed in concerts that we all created together in the old days, when the students, rather than the administration organized these events.

Join us! Maybe just for the fun of it. Maybe just out of curiosit. Perhaps to meet a celebrity. We have plenty in our group and who knows who will attend. As Nike says, "Just Do It!". Let's get together, just one more time.

Pitch in this June in planning a spectacular year of reunion opportunities. Start now enjoying and connecting on our Class of '67 website pages. 

Call, write, email any of us to see how you can attend, help, join us, or just say hello. Get involved!