Darlene Thompson

Profile Updated: May 24, 2011
Darlene Thompson
Residing In: Springdale, AR USA
Occupation: factory
Children: Camella Louise Trivitt born 1995. she's the best part of my life, a 3.5 gpa, admitted to springdale More…high school medical academy, lifeguarding this summer, soccer player, christian, karate, self-defense classes and is usually the kid at school that takes up for the kid being bullied.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Attending Reunion



I went two years of college after high school worked 12 yrs at GenCorp, finally married at age 30, child at age 31, and divorced at 35. received college degree in corporate finance at ASU jonesboro in 2002, when i tried to get jobs, most jobs only offered $8-9 an hour; I was trying to not work in the factory again, but being a single mom I had to take the $13 hr (in 2003) job. A college degree without experience doesn't go far, also; if I would have known Spanish i would probably
be working at a government job.

Funniest School Story:

I really didn't apply myself in school until I decided to college at the end of my junior year. I manage to get into Beta Club Tommy Russell was president, we had an assembly in the gym where they presented the new members, Tommy forgot to call out my name, even though it was on the list. He felt so bad and apologized; but my mother who attended, was furious. Another memory, I was kinda a tease back then, i wore low cut tops and thin bras. One day in study hall in junior high some of girls (can't remember their names) dare me to go over and drop my pencil in front of some of the boys ( can't remember their names either), so I did. Dropped it and slowly picked it up while bending over. The girls was laughing at the boys skirmming in their seats. We all know how teenage boys get worked up easily, don't we?