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12/13/08 11:16 AM #1    

Elizabeth Hawes (Blanche)

Anybody have a 1979 fricasse for sale?? If so contact elizabeth hawes blanche @
or 225-242-7275.

01/27/09 09:15 PM #2    

Robert Allen

If you know anything about these classmates let us know so we can track them down. It won't be a proper reunion for many of us if they aren't there:

Kathy Braud
Celeste Broussard
Chris Hannaman
Shawne Smith
Jamie Tabor
Lachikita Warren

And, can somebody tell Grady that I said he should update his profile before adding rock-star pics.


02/24/09 03:11 PM #3    

Louise Anderson (Schwendeman)

Happy Mardi Gras folks!

It is a little sad not to have proper Mardi Gras in Kentucky. The best we can do is some fairly authentic food in a few restaurants. Tonight is "all you can eat" crawfish and shrimp at one place in Lexington.
It took me 5 years living there to eat the crawfish for the first time, but now I have to have a fix every so often. My husband still thinks of crawfish as bait. He can eat the shrimp.

I wouldn't mind a Hurricaine to drink either....

Louise Anderson Schwendeman

I wouldn't mind a yearbook either if one was available anywhere. I couldn't have even told you it was called a Fricasee until I saw it here.

07/03/09 12:23 AM #4    

Lucy Bergeron (Slade)

I will be unable to attend the reunion because we will be on Cape Cod for a family reunion with my huband's family. Mother in law had mitral valve replacement and family wants to get together. We had to work around work schedules as well as the beginning of school here. Will be driving to the Cape the weekend of the reunion.

Will miss seeing y'all (well maybe not ALL of you :)
Have fun and take care-

07/30/09 10:46 AM #5    

Janet Eisworth (Bonnin)

Hi Everyone,

I really wish I could make this reunion and catch up with so many fellow Bulldogs.

My thoughts and well-wishes go with all who attend for a fabulous reunion.

Send some photos!

Janet Eisworth Bonnin

12/27/09 12:13 PM #6    

Patricia Evans (Hebert)

I'm sorry I missed the 30th Reunion. Although I tried, I wasn't able to find any information on it before it happened (I went to the BRHS site, but didn't even think to check I thoroughly enjoyed the 20th Reunion. Any chance of a 35th?

01/04/12 06:39 PM #7    

Lucy Bergeron (Slade)

RIP Lee. Will keep family in prayers.

06/06/14 07:50 AM #8    

Mary Hunts (Bachman)

Looking forward to 35th reunion.  Will there be T-shirts to order ? I think that was an option for the last reunion but not sure if I missed that for this one coming up?

06/07/14 08:14 PM #9    


Flora Thomas (Davis)

Aubrey designed the t-shirts for the 30th.  I'll see if she can do one for the 35th as well.

07/26/14 01:14 PM #10    


Chris Juneau (Juneau)

Hi Everyone -

It is with sadness that I will not be able to join you for our 35th reunion. I have extensive International travel this year (four years in a row) where I am clocking 250K miles/year. I will surely raise a glass to all our health and wish you all the very best. Its because of my experiences with you that I am who I am today. If anyone happens to visit Seattle please let me know and I am in town I would be happy to show you around.

Warmest regards,

Christopher Juneau

07/29/14 10:47 AM #11    

Robert Lanoux

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I can't make this one. Y'all have a great time!

Hope to see some good party pics!

Best to all,

Robert L.

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