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01/22/09 11:50 AM #1    

Rolland Pate

Welcome to the Bellaire High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/22/09 09:41 PM #2    

Brenda Brooks (Bartley)

Also, go to Bellaire High School Class of 1979 in Facebook.

04/29/09 07:48 PM #3    

Pearl Carrillo

Since filling out my profile, I have been reading your profiles and it has been ----- FUN!

I sit here giggling at some of the memories your names call to mind! Now, I am gonna have to go dig up my yearbook and see if I remembered correctly!

I remember Victoria's Dad (principal McClure) dressing up in Drag at the pep rally and I think I even remember Willie's afro!

Hope we find more of our classmates.
Has anyone of us been on reality TV????

05/13/09 11:16 PM #4    

Victoria McLure

Hey Pearl -
I've had a few giggles myself. I'm going to have to put in some serious yearbook time this summer! All I can say is, the late '70's were indeed a scary time for both clothes and hair.

It will be good to see everyone in October.

05/18/09 08:12 PM #5    

Michelle Steinfeld (Bercow)

Email invites will be going out this week and paper invites to those we do not have email addresses for will be mailed to your address on record.

08/04/09 09:42 AM #6    

Nancy Daily

Hi, I can't find my yearbooks and was wondering if there is anywhere we can look at some?

Looking forward to October - Nancy Daily

08/20/09 10:12 PM #7    

David Eby Jr.

Hello everybody! We are less than 2 months away. We need everybody to send in their checks. We have several thing to pay for and we are lacking!!!!! Also I need pictures,old and new for the slide show. You can send them to me at my home e-mail. Give me labeling info and as much other info as you can. Thanks, EBY

10/04/09 12:26 AM #8    

Wendy Haynes (Sciortino)

how many of you still have the panaramic picture of our class? i found mine the other day just laughed and smiled looking at everyone..

10/14/09 07:33 PM #9    

Rachel Goldenfarb (Riether)

I hope everyone has a great time ... wish I could be there.

I have not even attended any of the reunions. For the 10 year I was actually having my son, so not luck there. This year my husband had scheduled a trip a year in advance so I loose again.

I hope you guys post photos so that those who could not attend can see everyone.

Wish I could be there.

03/11/10 02:12 PM #10    

Susan Nichols (Pryor)

I was saddened to learn about the death of Sharon Smith. She was my friend at Bellaire and Baylor.

04/02/15 06:13 AM #11    

Sam Garza

Hi,  Has anyone been to the high school to visit. Wondering if the school has changed. Its been a long time since I seen it last.

Sam Garza

01/01/17 11:42 AM #12    

Sam Garza

Well back to Texas and wow things have changed since I left 20 years ago. I'm living in Allen Tx. outside of Dallas. I noticed a few websites for Bellaire HS. So many to choose from. I also read that Bellaire is looking for another site for the school. The has gotten really big and getting bigger.

07/17/19 11:22 PM #13    

Fragino Arola

I took several pictures of the panorama class picture and merged them into a large file.  The file is big enough so when blown up, you can easily recognize faces.  If someone has the wherewithal and generosity, the file can probably be printed into a very large banner and posted in the lobby of wherever the reunion is going to be this year.  It will be a lot more fun and easier to look at than the smaller picture.  Or you can just download it for your own use. 
I did this in 2009 and merged it by hand so individuals may be a little blurred in certain places. Sorry.  I'll leave a link at the bottom to where it can be downloaded.  I'm posting it here because I'm not being accepted to the Facebook site.  I don't blame them since I was not even indexed in the yearbook.  It was only because one of my brother's classmates (class of '80) recognized me that I was even allowed to enter the Brae Burn event. :)  I'll repost the rest of the pictures from 2009 to the same website later.  The original site is gone.  You can batch download from this site.

02/16/21 04:47 PM #14    


Lance Edwards

Does anyone have John Bartletts phone number? Please have him all me at 713.336.3796 or to leave a message. Thank You!


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