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02/25/21 01:09 PM #841    

Paul Shelton



I can provide the latest info on our Totem (pole). It is safe and dry, and resting on its back in my shop. When I rescued it, I knew it would take me some time to finally get to its resurrection, and I feel it won't be long before I can get the work started. I am planning major changes in my professional activities that hopefully will free up large blocks of time to work on it. It needs, I would gues, about 100 hours of TLC to repair its flaws, fill its fissures, coat it, and then build the new base, which is a circular bench for 4 or 5 individuals. the "pole" would rise in the center and behind the bench. The pole would likely bolt to the bench unit as its principal support. It is no longer the full height pole, having been chain sawed off a few feet above the base. The attached carvings that filled the cutouts from bottom to top had long been pilfered when I got to it. But the wings, talons, and eagle head are all in good shape structurally.

As for it becoming an issue as an Indian symbol, I would never put it past some P/C pinhead to object to it. But I  strongly suspect it will not be considered "offensive" by any but a few, and will remain the symbol/mascot of Sammamish High for long into the future.

02/26/21 09:05 AM #842    


Stephen Nicol

I have to see both sides, as my granddaughter is registered with the Spokane and Colville tribes, as is her mother.  I can only hope and pray that your belief is the one that will hold.  I would not put it past the Bellevue School board, however, to take preemptive action to avoid conflict.

02/27/21 08:58 AM #843    

Paul Shelton


I have no idea if the term "Red Skins" was originally a pejorative applied to American Indians. But the Cleveland Indians? The Chicago Blackhawks? I would consider it an honor to be so recognized. Would the Lithuanian national soccor team object to being called "The Lithuanians"?  If that's so bad, why not object to "The Fighting Irish". Of course, everyone knows that must be a direct reference to the hard-drinking, bar-brawling Irish. Right?   How demeaning to Irish ethnic heritage can you get!!  Gotta get rid of that shameful moniker.

I'm no expert on this, but I recall reading that the "Totem Pole" was actually a quite recent addition to Indian culture, first being found among the Tlingit on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Remains of such poles could not be found dating longer than about 300 years ago. Quite certainly, the Sioux were not using totem poles. In this case, such poles could be considered as NW heritage more than as an exclusive Indian symbol. It just got passed down to us as an art form that all of us northwesterners can claim territorial pride in. 

So. I think the argumentive high ground is safely on our side. 

03/03/21 11:14 PM #844    


Patricia Doyle (McLain)

Ed - just finished your book. Lovely stories of redemption and hope. Thanks for the good read. Pat

03/04/21 11:05 AM #845    


Edgar Hart

Glad you enjoyed it. Could you do me a favor and write a review. It improves my ranking and then stores carry it. Have a good weekend. 

03/05/21 06:24 PM #846    


Tom Stanlick

I, too, just finished reading your book, Ed. Several of your stories reminded me of the late night discussions you and I had after dropping off dates on the meaning of life and the innate nature of human kind. I also knew you well enough to remember your middle name. Thanks for the memories.  -Tom

03/05/21 08:01 PM #847    


Patricia Doyle (McLain)

Ed - Done! Review written and submitted to Barnes and Noble! Hope it boost sales! Pat

03/06/21 09:39 AM #848    


Edgar Hart

Thanks to both of you. You are right Tom, our discussions are reflected in the book. Tell your friends to read it.🙈

03/08/21 02:38 PM #849    


Danny Braudrick

FYI. The US Army names all its helicopters after Native American tribes. For example, the Chinook, Iroquois, Apache, Blackhawk, etc. consultation occurs prior to naming. At the naming ceremony, the Native American tribe is invited. It is considered a mark of honor for the tribes. 

03/08/21 03:51 PM #850    


Danny Braudrick

I asked previously others knowledge re: the two pins below. These pins were awarded to the winners of the Seattle Times' Old Woodie and Old Ossie schoolboy contests, boys up to age 13. The Old Woodie was baseball; Old Ossie, football. These contests ran in Seattle, 1921 to 1968. In the Old Woodie contest, participants threw a baseball through a frame the size of a strike zone. The winner, the most strikeouts prior to issuing a walk. The Old Ossie was a passing and kicking contest. I was a participant in the 5th and 6th grades at Boulevard Park Elementary in south Seattle. 
I am sure many in our class partipated, as well.  

03/09/21 02:54 PM #851    


David Sanders

Sure consider Cobra,and Black hawk and slick and Gun ships.and Huey.

All dreams come true for pilots down.


Dave Sanders

03/22/21 10:15 PM #852    


Edgar Hart

Are we going to have a 60th class reunion before we are all too decrepit to get together?

03/23/21 11:07 AM #853    


Eric (Rick) Moon

I'm still fairly crepit, and I would make the trip if I remain so.

03/23/21 07:36 PM #854    

Norma Johnson (DeMerchant)

Yes I am game for a 60 year reunion!


03/24/21 07:32 AM #855    


Kip Miller

For the official record, I would deffinitely enjoy attending a 60 reunion.

03/24/21 09:20 AM #856    


Jay Spaulding

60 year reunion! Already? I'm in! Let the good time roll!


03/24/21 12:55 PM #857    


Barbara Osborne (Derkacht)

I'd have to be in my grave to miss our 60th reunion!  And I don't plan to be - in the ground, I mean.  I'm still in the Portland area, so joining the planning team would be a challenge for me, particularly as pretty much every minute I'm up that way is devoted to visiting family, especially my granddaughter.  Looking forward with great anticipation to 2023.

03/25/21 06:29 AM #858    


Peggy Harris (Petersen)

I'm in for a 60th.  


03/25/21 08:16 AM #859    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Well, that would be fun.   We live in AZ now, but probably would come up for it.  All my friends that lived in Bellevue have moved elsewhere, so there would be noone for me to see on the trip.  I have had a hip replacement and looking at a knee replacement soon since the last reunion.   My body parts are wearing out!  My mother said that getting old was not for whimps, and dang, she was right.   Teeth are wearing out too.  If I live till then, I would come up for it.

03/25/21 08:39 AM #860    


Stephen Nicol

Lord willing and the creek don't rise (or the pass close), I am in for a 60th.

03/26/21 01:16 AM #861    


Michael Ungaro

I am in for the 60th ,Wow is dosnt seem real 60 years!! But then I look and I have 10 grandkids

03/26/21 09:05 AM #862    


Carol Leyden (Murrell)

Just finished Ed Hart's book, "Sounds of the Earth". Ed wrote a wonderful book with a diverse group of characters from many walks of life and gave us a glimpse into the lives of mine workers and their families. Support our classmate by spreading the word and buying his book.

On another note, a 60th reunion sounds great. 

03/30/21 03:15 PM #863    


David Sanders

I would like join in. 

Thanks for the memories


04/20/21 02:44 PM #864    


Danny Braudrick

What? 60th Reunion? So soon? 

04/21/21 10:44 AM #865    


Edgar Hart

Carol, Thanks for your endorsement . I'm glad you enjoyed it. Especially thanks for your review on Amazon. They and book sellers track those. Hope things are well with you. Ed 



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