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•   Keith Morris  9/13
•   Patricia Doyle (McLain)  8/7
•   Edgar Hart  8/2
•   Bonnie Kratzer (Springer)  7/27
•   Stephen Nicol  7/11
•   William Kuhns  5/16
•   Stacy Marlowe (Wible)  5/16
•   Patricia Allen (Huniu)  5/13
•   Joan Feasley (Hintz)  4/20
•   Diana Davis (Kinared)  3/8
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15 live in California
2 live in Colorado
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4 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
5 live in Idaho
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
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8 live in Oregon
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133 live in Washington
1 lives in British Columbia
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Welcome to our OFFICIAL website



Home of the Totems



It has been more than 13 months since our 50-Year Reunion in September 2013.  In that time I'm sure each of us has experienced a lot of changes.  Bill & I put our house on the market last June and it sold in a few days.  In the rush of packing, sorting,discarding and wading through 47 years of stuff, this website was put by the wayside.

It has now been renewed and, hopefully, you all will continue to access it to make announcements and keep in touch with fellow classmates. 

All 1963 classmates and teachers are welcome to peruse our official website.


Joining is EASY, FREE, and SECURE. 

As a member you will have access to all pages and features of this site.

To get started, click on the 'Classmate Profiles' in the bar at the top of this page on the left hand side under the TOTEM logo.  Scroll down to your name on the list of classmates and click on it.  You will be asked for your email address and password which will be needed each time you sign in.  You can edit and/or add to your profile at any time by simply clicking on 'Edit Profile' under Member Functions.  You can also upload photos to your site.  When done, be sure to scroll all the way down the page to 'SAVE CHANGES'.  

Also, check out other features of this site as well.  The 'Classmate Profile' brings you up-to-date on each individual.

The 'Photo Gallery' has been set up where those who attended can ownload their personal photos for all to see.  Dan Stearns took lots of photos of individuals and couples on Saturday night that have been downloaded to the site. 

You won't want to miss out on any of these opportunities.   

Finally ,at this time, there are no plans for a 55-year reunion.  If anyone on this website would be interested in chairing one, please let me know.


Your Reunion Committee:

Patty Bell Sherman                        Ed Klep

Carol Sidick McCray                     Bill Simmons

Carole McArthur Bindon               Jay Spaulding

Pam Swanson Wood                    Dan Stearns

Sandra Wittmeier Taylor










Wow! I am amazed by the clarity of thought and the presentation of ideas that i have read on these many recent posts. As a west coast resident and (now) a conservative leaning independent I, too, have few friends who agree with me regarding politics and important but nearly insolvable issues (abortion, security, health care, etc.(. i do like the approach of properly using science to find answers along with first personal and then communal responsibility to deal with our challenges. The approach of moral high ground based on "greater good" for society regardless still involves some subjective choice I believe and should not absolve us of our own deeply held values that constitute our very being. I also find the concept of "generalized" use of abortion repugnant and indefensible on any level. There surely are limits to free choice for any subject whether it is speech, gun control, terminating a life, or lack of regard for the sufferings of our fellow beings and pets. Possibly a compromise would be a widespread acceptance of a greater use of contraception discoveries to help preclude the "need" for abortion in the first place for humans just as overpopulation of our pets can be checked albeit with different methods achieving birth control.

Carole McArthur Bindon passed away on November 7, 2015, after a 2 1/2 year battle with stage 4 lung cancer. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, on April 16, 1944.  After graduation, she married Rod Bindon in December 1963 and they lived in numerous locations in the U.S. while Rod was serving in the Navy.  During this time, she met and interacted with numerous Admirals, Generals and State Department Ambassadors.  

Carole enjoyed boating in the San Juans and Canadian Gulf Islands with her family, spoiling her 2 granddaughers, and traveling to sunny destinations like Hawaii and Palm Desert.  She became an avid golfer in her 50's and was proud to have earned two "holes in one" over the years. She was instrumental in putting together our 50-year reunion in September 2013 doing all the decorations, coordinating with the venue person and designing our commemorative gift to the reunion attendees.

Carole is survived by her husband Rod, daughters Julie Bindon and Angie Ballas, son-in-law Gary Ballas, cherished granddaughters, Monica and Fiona, her sister Colleen Botelha, niece Amanda Botelho (Dan), and nephew Brad Botelho (Laura).  Her lively wit and spirit will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

A donation may be made in her name to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance or the Redmond Academy of Theater Arts. You can sign Carole's Guest Book at

I attended our 30th Reunion twenty years ago. Mrs. Lupton attended, as well. For the past twenty years I have painfully regretted not having an opportunity then to thank her for all she did for me. Mrs. Lupton taught me how to write and gave me a love for literature. My undergraduate degree is in English Literature. As for writing, while in the Army I wrote and/or edited a number of regulations and countless intelligence reports. I was the writer for several general officers, up to the Army Chief of Staff. Afterwards, I wrote Idaho state policy papers on several medical issues. I still love to create using the spoken word. I blog routinely, each day.
I owe this passion to Mrs. Lupton. I clearly remember she asked each in our class one day to write a one page paper on how to do something. My topic was how to shoot a free throw. But what I remember most was her comment to me after reading my page. "Danny, you have a tremendous ability to write." By the time I got home that afternoon, my feet had yet to touch the ground. (By the way, I still can't shoot a free throw very well, despite playing JUCO basketball).
I want everyone to know how much I love Mrs. Lupton. And I will not leave the reunion until I have given her a hug.

Danny Braudrick

I received a note from Rick Wickland's wife, Arlene. Rick had a heart attack last night and passed away this morning (October 7). He was a good friend, enjoyed his music and loved to hike.

Joy Swanson McMains

Can we hear it out there for Sandy and for all her helpers? Can we hear it out there for Dan's photos? Can we hear it out there for the brilliant website designers, who made it possible for everybody to almost be there, and for all of us to communicate (so much better than most of us did in the early 60s)? For Mrs. Johnson for enjoying it all so much? And, oh, for Mr. Udd, just for being such

Helene Solheim

I finally figured out how to upload my pictures from the reunion. They are in "Dan's Photo Gallery"

Enjoy, Frank