Missing Classmates

We Need Your Help!  


Not everyone is technically "missing" but the emails are missing, or no longer work.  This is my primary method of contacting everyone, so let's see what you all can do to fill in some blanks!

Do you have email addresses for any of these people?  Anyone want to use their Linkedin account to try to contact some of these people to get current email addresses?

You can Email them directly with the link to this site, or email me any info.


Thank you!

- Barb

Daniel Adelson         Robert Berkeley        Michael Bidwell
Stewart Browne        Greg Caine                 Rob Carlson              
David Chang             David Currie               Rob Foster
Mike Haskins             Aaron Honigman       Christian Hull
Mike Israel                John Jacob                  Greg Kan
Ian Lyngklip              Richard Nerod             Robin Reilly
Paul Sawyer             Jonathan Shanberge   Alex Stojanovic
Rich Vile                   John Whitmore             Doug Williamson
Steve Yang               Rachel Anderson          Sue Ausman
Jacqueline Bondzi-Taylor                              Susan Clements
Karen Fischer           Laura Hess                    Julie Nodine Heuberger
Julie Hunt                  Nina Kambouris            Kathryn Levinson        
Mary Mader                Dana Petrulis                Leslie Silverstein     
Susan Warwick
Michelle Westermann-Behaylo                    Julie Cates Zenas


Daniel Adelson
Laura Allen (Hess)
Rachel Anderson
Susan Ausman
Michelle Behaylo (Westermann)
Robert Berkeley
Jacqueline Bondzi-Taylor
Stewart Browne
Gregory Cain
Robert Carlson
Julie Cates (Zenas)
David Chang
Susan Clements
David Currie
Karen Fischer
Robert Foster
Michael Haskins
Aaron Honigman
Julie Hunt
Michael Israel
John Jacob
Stephania Kambouris
Gregory Kan
Kathryn Levinson
Ian Lyngklip
Mary Mader
Richard Nerod
Julie Nodine (Heuberger)
Sanjiv Patel
Dana Petrulis
Robin Reilly
Paul Sawyer
Jonathan Shanberge
Leslie Silverstein
Alexander Stojanovic
Richard Vile
Susan Warwick
John Whitmore
Douglas Williamson
Steve Yang