Reunion 2008 Photos

Have fun looking through the many photos that various people took at the 35-year reunion. If you missed it, you will see that you do not want to miss the next one -- as it was great fun. And, it was also good for the soul to see so many who were such a large part of our formative years. Friendships developed as children and even as high-schoolers really can last a lifetime.

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-- Dale Housely and John Causey


Front Row:  Janette Penick Jones, Larry Covington, Connie Janway Covington, Joyce Bogart Sanders, Steve Arnold, Jack Impson, Glena Megee Taylor, Sharon Selleres Dunn, Jamie Vernon, Jim Slemaker, Judy Hamilton Allen, Gina Wood Honeyman, Patti Jeffs Scrader, Cheryl Conner Flusche

Row 2:  Tom Towry, Pam Harrison Doran, Jerry Crow, Connie Ohler Eckstein, Allison Oliver, Sharon Atkins Crenshaw, Kerin Harper Todero, Terri Jones Casey, Cindy Anderson Rojo, Teresa Anderson Cross, Donna Gleason Richey, Lynn Hammock McConnell, Jan Essner Johnson, Debi Timmons Brim, Keith Perry, Kelly Lawson, Dawnelle Harmon Lawson, Danny Goss

Row 3:  Joe Parker, Carl Trehus, Tom Nelson, Mike Helm, Mike Belford, Vicki Turner Anders, John Flanagan, Leland Grubb, Robby Kirk, Marla Davis Seritt, Jana Cluck Murphree, Cindy Bullock Adams, Jera Burghart, Gina Gicaletto Parker, Kelly Rake

Row 4:  Floyd Griffith, Mark Lee, Gary Chandler, Mark McKay, Randy Rutherford, Richard Roller, Johnny Moore, Dale Housley, David Henderson, Rebecca Chasteen Howeth, Terry Sawyer, Russ Keller, Gayle McCausey Seidel, Mitch Johnson, Dan Helm, Paul Little, Richard Kekahbah

Back Row:  Ron Lambeth, John Causey, Steve Curley, Jackie Colwell, David Birchett, John Lay, Terry Dashner, Gary Skocdopole, Harold Neal, Linda Helm Dysert, Roger Hale, Steve Meier, Devereaux Jones

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Pat Sorensen and Luther Flanagan (older brother of John Flanagan)



Donna Gleason Richey and David Fulps


Leland Grubb and Mike Belford


Sheree Turner, Karen Hickey Schoen and Rebecca Chasteen Howeth

David Fulps, Allison Oliver and Catheigh Robinson Fulps



Carl Trehus and Tana Parks


Mark McKay


Gary Skocdopole


Diana Henry and Jack Impson


Jana Cluck and Her Husband


Devereaux Jones and His Wife Debbie


Robby Kirk


Kelly Rake, Leland Grubb and Jack Impson


Kelly Rake, Leland Grubb and Deby Rake


Allison Oliver and Gina Gicaletto Parker


Steve Curley, Jim Slemaker, Dave Henderson, John Causey and Devereaux Jones


Devereaux Jones


Gary Chandler, Judy and Steve Curley and Jack Impson


Jan Essner Johnson, Lynn Hammock McConnell and Donna Gleason Richey


John Flanagan and Steve Arnold


Keith Perry and Linda Helm Dysert


Kelly Lawson and Dawnelle Harmon Lawson


Ron Lambeth and Tamela Jones Lanier


Cindy Anderson Rojo, Leland Grubb and Teresa Anderson Cross


Leland Grubb, John Causey and Mike Belford


Linda Helm Dysert, Leland Grubb and Cheryl Conner Flusche


John Causey and Brenda Sumner Dirks


John Causey and Linda Helm Dysert


Sharon Atkins and Jim Slemaker


Jim Slemaker


John Causey


Dale Housley and wife Judy


Kelly Lawson's back, Dawnelle Harmon Lawson and Steve Arnold


Roger Hale


Tom Towry, Mark McKay and wife


Tom Towry, Mark KcKay and wife


Tom Towry and Jack Impson


Devereaux Jones


Tom Towry and Keith Purtell


Danny Goss


Joe Parker and Roger Hale


Roger Love


Roger Love and Joyce Bogart Sanders


Vicki Turner Anders, Saron Atkins, Robby Kirk, Randy Rutherford, Steve Meier  and John Moore (hand over mouth)


Larry Covington and his wife Connie Janway


Sharon Sellers Dunn, Dale Housley, Ron Lambeth and David Burchett


Donna Gleason Richie, Debi Timmons Brim and Pam Harrison


Gary Powers and Tom Towry


Gary Powers, Terri Jones Casey, Glena Megee and Keith Purtell


Tom Towry and Terri Jones Casey


Keith Purtell, Tom Towry, Harold Neal and Keith Perry


Sheree Turner and her husband with Becky Chasteen Howeth


Gary Powers


Kelly and Dawnelle Lawson and the back of Jim Parker (standing behind Kelly is Mark Lee)


Gina Gicaletto Parker and her husband Jim Parker


Gina Wood Honeyman, Mark Lee and Richard Roller


Jamie Vernon and Mike Belford


Steve Curley, Steve Arnold and Jim Slemaker


Carl Trehus and Linda Helm Dysert


Jackie Colwell, Paul Little and Connie Ohler


Paul Little, Allison Oliver and Jan Essner Johnson


Gina Gicaletto Parker and Janette Penick sitting, Richard Roller and Gary Chandler's back standing


Tom Nelson, Danny Helm, Mike Helm and Robby Kirk


Ron Lambeth and Jerry Crow


Diana Henry, Catherine Robinson and Karen Hickey Schoen


Jera Burghart Foley, Vickie Gilmore, Cindy Bullock Adams and Gyle McCausey Seidel


Floyd Griffith and Gary Skocdopole


Connie Ohler and Sharon Sellers Dunn


Vicki Turner Anders


Pam Harrison's Sister, Becky Chasteen Howeth, Pam Harrison (sitting: Jana Cluck and Marla Davis Seritt)


Judy Hamilton and Terri Jones Casey


Leland Grubb and Mike Belford