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12/13/08 09:43 AM #19    

David Fulps

That's right; the Dragon Mural on front is only a scary facade. As Gary, Tori and I found out from the owners, “it's just a friendly neighborhood bar.” So come on out to the Dragon’s Lair at 5528 E. 11th. The December schedule is on my profile; I’ll soon post the January.

12/20/08 10:09 PM #20    

Ronnie Medlock

Hey everyone:
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Ron Medlock

01/01/09 05:26 PM #21    

Karla Moon (Ipock)

I'm here to wish everyone a wonderful 2009.Hope your Christmas and New Year's was safe.May this new year be prosperous for all and filled with friendship and may all your dreams be fulfilled.
I've been fortunate to have been able to reconnect with some of our classmates and hopefully have formed a lasting friendship with all.I look forward to the times we will get together again and hope more of you can too.

Happy New Year !!!!!!


01/13/09 06:14 AM #22    

David Fulps

"GASOLINE" will be at the Dragon's Lair on 1/24 from 9:30 to 1:30; hope to see you there. I've uploaded the January band schedule to my profile and its all at the Lair but we are looking for other venues.

01/27/09 06:58 PM #23    

Terri Jones (Casey)

The Welcome Back John Causey Get together Sat. night was
wonderful. I want to thank everyone who helped with this
event: Gary Skocdopole, Devereaux Jones, Ann Deets for
the cake, Sharon Sellers Dunn for working on the memory
book for John, Glena Megee Taylor for being my sounding
board these past few weeks & getting us hooked up at the
Tin Star, Donna Gleason for your hints and suggestions.
And of course, Leland Grubb from way out in Albuquerque
for all your help too. It truly does take a village to
do one of these get togethers, no matter how small or large. I have come to truly appreciate all the effort
and time that goes into putting one of these together,
the thoughts,concerns,and fretting that go along with it. My hat is off to those behind the big reunions...OMG-KUDO's to you all!! And I have to pat David Fulp's band on the back once guys were fantastic.Thank you for putting on a great show for us! God Bless you all, and to each and everyone who came to this. It meant a lot to me, and I am sure it meant a lot to John as well. Again John, WELCOME HOME!!!

PHOTOS:check out a few of the photos on my profile page
right here and go see the entire album posted on*click on class of 73 events, then click
on Photo albums tab.Thanks again all.

03/04/09 06:42 PM #24    

Conni Ohler (Eckstein)

I want to thank Gary Skocdopole and Terri Jones Casey for remembering my son in Iraq and honoring his service by sending him a 'care' package. You guys are great!

Terri did bring up an interesting thought:

Are there other classmates of ours who have relatives serving our country? Please identify yourselves and your relative!

I'd be glad to send an extra box to others and I bet our giving class would join in as well!

05/31/09 11:02 PM #25    

Ronnie Medlock

I came into town on pretty short notice, but Terri went out of her way to get a few people together for dinner at Ted's. I would like to say thank you to her and all of the people that showed up. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone.

Ron Medlock

06/03/09 09:09 PM #26    

Conni Ohler (Eckstein)

Just got word that my son is LEAVING IRAQ at 7 PM CDT Thursday, 6/4. Pray for his safe flight home. We should be able to lay hands on him by next weekend!!!

06/23/09 09:57 PM #27    

Conni Ohler (Eckstein)

I've added photos of my son's return and our welcome home festivities from last weekend. So glad to have him home at last! That chapter is over! Whew!!
Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers. I appreciate it! Conni

08/09/09 12:53 PM #28    

Terri Jones (Casey)

To Dale Housley and Kelly Rake:
Prayers are going up for you by many many of your
classmates. And when you think of so many prayer 'chains'
as well, how those prayers for you have multiplied, you
can both be assured that God is in control and He is all
over this. Hang in there, and please keep us all posted.

08/23/09 09:38 AM #29    

Terri Jones (Casey)

SOS Party: FISH-FRY-FANTASTIC!! Lastnights fish fry event
was absolutely fantastic. We couldn't have asked for a
more perfect day, weatherwise! THANKS so much to our
gracious hosts Jeff & Judy (Hamilton)Allen for their
superb hospitality: and to Gary Skocdopole for his great
frymastery skills and all his help: and to everyone who
attended. We had amazingly good food, awesome fellowship
together, and we so enjoyed seeing Dale Housley and his
wife come!! Others attending were; John Causey, Jack
Impson, Floyd Griffith, Kim Lawmaster, Glena Megee,Connie
Helm, Terry Sawyer, David Fulps, & myself, Judy/Jeff/Gary
Also: it was such a treat to speak to Leland Grubb on
Judy's phone, called from Alburquerque--most of us got to
say hello to him; he wished so much he could be here!
Leland, you are a treasure to us all and we Love you!!!
NEXT? BAHS Homecoming game/Tailgater!!! Gary will be back
at the grill for that one with burgers,etc. Mark your
calendars now for Fri. Sept. 25!! Details will post soon.
BONUS AT THIS EVENT::: The classes of '72 and '74 are
also being invited to this. WOW-won't it be great to see
so many others we went through high school with? I can
hardly wait, hope you all can make it!
PHOTOS POSTED NOW!!! A few photos of the Fish Fry are
now posted on my profile page. Just click on my name and
scroll all the way down the row til you see pics titled
FISH FRY. Thanks

09/01/09 02:44 PM #30    

Terri Jones (Casey)

SAD NEWS: Classmates, please keep our friend and class
mates Ann Deets and Floyd Arnold in prayer. Today,
their daughter Melissa Arnold, age 30 passed away. She
had also just found out she was expecting, so this is a
double loss for the families. Services will be Thurs.
Sept.3rd at Hayhurst in BA. Time to be announced.
Classmate Terry Dashner will be doing the service.

The service is at 6 pm., September 3rd at Hayhurst Funeral Home. Viewing will be from 9 am to 9 pm on the 2nd. The interment is at Park Grove Cemetary.
Hayhurst Funeral Home is on Elm just north of 91st St.
in Broken Arrow.

09/02/09 05:25 PM #31    

Debbie Henshaw (Bell)

Ann Deets & Sonny...Your in our thoughts & prayers..& you have my deepest sympathy. I have a great memory of going over to your house when Melissa first got home...You both were so happy! Always remember the happy times with your little angel..
Hugs & prayers...
Debbie Henshaw Bell

09/27/09 09:05 PM #32    

Terri Jones (Casey)

Devereaux, Gary Sk, John Causey, Jera & Donna---all; I
thank so much for everything done to pull this off. Wow
is all I can say---I don't think anyone could have
ordered a more perfect night or event. I have to agree
with Gary...why would anyone miss something like this?
One evening out of an entire year is not so much to set
aside. I can only imagine how this is going to grow, I
heard several people from the other classes say to please
let them know the next time we "do any-thing"!!! I really
think they truly enjoyed this!! Not even so much the event itself, but the gathering together and seeing one
another, reconnecting, just to even meet classmates you
may have never known back then...that is awesome too. Oh
my, I see how right I was last summer at noting some very
unique and special spirit, if you will, among this great
group of classmates. I cannot explain it, but now I see
how it has infected the other classes as well. Please,
if you have missed any of these get togethers, try to
make the next, and you'll see for yourself. You will not
regret it one bit. There are many of us who would love to
see you again!!! We are, after all, BAHS-73 PLUS---!

12/13/09 07:02 PM #33    

Billy Stanbro

We want to wish everyone the best Christmas and holidays ever!!!


Jan & Billy Stanbro

12/24/10 10:55 AM #34    

Terri Jones (Casey)

I  just wanted to wish great blessings on every classmate during these Holidays...

May you all have a Wonderfully MERRY CHRISTMAS,  and an exciting NEW YEAR of happiness,

good health, and brighter days in your life in every way. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

02/28/13 01:32 AM #35    

Terri Jones (Casey)

MISSING CLASSMATES!!  With our big 40 yr Reunion approaching, I am trying to find as many of these ''missing'' as I possibly can, so we can get word to them about  this too and hopefully they can attend. If anyone should know of their whereabouts or any leads, such as a sibling/parent etc that I could contact please leave me a message. Thank you, now here's the list.........



Appreciate any and all help.THANKS!!


03/16/13 09:24 AM #36    


Jon Helm

I enjoyed seeing so many of the BAHS class of '67 and their spouses and friends, teachers, etc..


Special thanks to Steve Bruner, Roberta Donnelly, Jan Collins, and all the others who got all


of these students, spouses, friends, and teachers together, and the anonomous donor.


I had a great time visiting with my brother Noel's classmates and friends. A special shout out to


John Black and Karen Stephens, etc., with whom I shared a table and conversation.


Best regards, Jon Helm, BAHS class of '71.


06/29/13 09:29 PM #37    

Mitch Johnson

Terri: I have a 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix. Weather permitting I can bring it.

06/30/13 10:20 AM #38    

Mitch Johnson

Found that Danny Craig passed away about three years ago.

07/08/13 02:15 AM #39    

Terri Jones (Casey)

Thank you Mitch for the news: We sure have lost a lot since our last reunion-with Danny that makes 16  new ones :( The car sounds GREAT, I will let Dev know!  We are going to meet up atthe Tulsa Event Center on Mon July 15 to take a little tour and  get an idea  about how we will set up, if you'd like to join. (at 6:30)



10/11/13 11:38 AM #40    

Terri Jones (Casey)

OUR ''40th'' YEAR REUNION!!!~~ 

was a 2 night  PHENOMINAL  event!!!! Thanks so much to Devereaux for getting all the details lined up to make this a very special and wonderful event, and to all those who helped at each planning meeting, and all the ''worker bee'' details that went into this. Everyone did a FABULOUS job!! Thanks to Ron Lambeth for doing our Grilling at the Tailgater, to Paul Little for bringing the big ice chests full of beverages, and just anything and everything----we had a great turnout and as always, we were graced and blessed again with perfect weather---6 times in a row!! Wow!


Satuday night was both nights we had a good number of classmates we believe came for the very first time to any of our reunions, it was GREAT to see them!! The photographer took a lot of candid shots and did a GREAT group photo of watching on here soon for photos to come in and get loaded. Everyone looked just great, and I know I had a GREAT time, I hope everyone else did too. If you did not come, I want you to know, you really were missed, and because we have now lost 37 (that we know of) of our fellow classmate family.....I stopped to take a good long look around that room Sat. and snapped every face in my photographic memory bank....because 5 yrs from now as we all are hitting at or  near our 63rd birthdays, we have no way of knowing if any of those faces there on Sat. will make it to our next one. I don't mean to sound somber here, but it's a hard cold fact of life. Please remember this, when tempted to sit out opportunities to come to these, and that is, even if ''you'' personally didn't feel like you cared to see anyone, there may just have been someone there, perhaps travelled in from some distance, who would have just LOVED seeing you: for I have learned  that we never know what impression we may have left on someone even if it was over 40 yrs ago. We can show lots of pics on sites like this, and facebook, etc..but there is NO way anyone can relay all the stories that were shared, all the laughs, and all the warm happy hugs shared all night long....that's some of the things in life where ya just ''gotta be there''  Sooooo, I, among a great many, truly sincerely hope, to see you at the next one. Gosh, 2018....sounds foreign to say!! But it will be here before we know it!! :)  Enjoy the pics when they post!!!!

10/19/14 05:57 PM #41    

Terri Jones (Casey)

BAHS 7th TAILGATE PARTY: Fri. Sept. 26 @ BAHS Football Stadium/Athletic Bldg.

In this photo, Ron Lambeth is giving a nice little ''speech'' for Devereaux, as he has passed on the torch, for leading & organizing our class get togethers & reunions. We gave him & Debbie a small token of our appreciation. Our utmost thanks for all the many years he has worked at this, and our best wishes for all they have plans for in their future.  If you missed this event, you missed a great time. 7th year in  a row that we have done this and had perfect weather every single time! Plus BA beat Yukon on this Homecoming Game night! It was an awesome night. I hope more of you will come to the next one; it's EVERY Homecoming Game!

09/05/16 10:28 AM #42    

Terri Jones (Casey)


FRI. SEPT. 23rd at BAHS (61st/County Line)

Our class is hosting for ALL 70's alumni to join us.

TAILGATER: from 4-7pm Will be around the Athletic Bldg: look for us under the hovering black & gold Helium balloons. Burgers (grilled on site), chips & drink for $5 per person. Bring lawn chairs.

HOMECOMING GAME: Kick off at 7:30 BA vs YUKON (Coronation about 7pm if interested) Tickets at the gate

$7 ea. ALSO, They can be purchased online: - follow the prompts; once paid for it'll go on your smartphones.  **Suggest bringing a jacket, stadium cushion, perhaps lap blanket for your stadium comfort.

AFTERPARTY!!  Following the game, we always migrate to some pub & grill for a late, lite bite and libations for those who desire, but mostly just to continue visiting. Hearing all the memories and funny stories shared cannot be captured by any means.. We have a great time. Our usual spot is The Fox & Hound at 71/Garnett.

This is our 9th Annual event, and is always a lot of fun for a nominal amount of money. Please come and join the fun, bask in the nostalgia of homecoming excitement, and connect with a lot of classmates and fellow alumni you might not have seen in many years! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

06/01/17 12:34 AM #43    

Terri Jones (Casey)

I have been doing some ''Cross-Referencing'' here and found it interesting how many of our classmates are on one site but not the other; and very astonishing at this time to see how many are on neither.

For instance; scanning down the names on our profile Roster.... I found, to the best of my knowledge, that there are 44 people who have registered on our web site here, but are not on facebook (to my knowledge)

On the flip side of that, I find that there are 26 people who ARE on F/B yet have not ever registered on our web page here.

But here is the big clencher! To ''MY'' knowledge, there is a total of  87!~~who are not on EITHER site! They're not on FB and NOT on our web page either one. Out of that number, many are among my ''missing'' ones too...a total of 42!! These are ones I cannot locate or have any contact info on...based on the roster HERE... I have more names on my missing list that are not listed yet on our roster. Also worth mentioning here; the fact that there are so many not hooked in, those are ones I have to get word to either by email or SNAIL mail. It would be a dream come true to not only find all these people, but also convince everyone else to get registered on this wonderful site OR get on f/b where they can be reached much faster and easier. :)

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