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03/22/08 02:38 PM #1    

Devereaux Jones

Welcome to the Broken Arrow High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/24/08 12:43 PM #2    

Tom Towry

Okay Devereaux, I don't know what I did ... But , I did it... I recv'd your question on address' and will email you shortly. Tom Towry

03/24/08 03:02 PM #3    

Donna L Gleason Richey (Walker)


This looks great, thanks a bunch for all your work on this reunion!

03/24/08 06:07 PM #4    

Dale Housley

Great start, everything is looking good. Thanks for all you are doing.

05/24/08 03:10 PM #5    

Sharon Atkins

Devereaux, you did a great job! I'm really enjoying reading about what everyone is doing now. We all turned out OK, huh? Oh,my last name is spelled with a t instead of a d--Atkins. No, I'm not anal!!

06/08/08 09:46 PM #6    


Gary Skocdopole

June 8,2008

To Devereaux and the reunion gang.
Thanks for a great weekend. I enjoyed seeing all of you,remembering great times together and listening to your life's stories. This reunion must have been a lot of work,but it turned out priceless.

To our classmates that didn't make it to the 35 year reunion,I missed you. Please don't miss the next one.
We are BAHS
Class of 73

06/11/08 11:53 AM #7    

Gayle McCausey (Greene)

Great Job to all that worked so hard planning and preparing for our reunion. It was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing everyone and reconnected and catching up.

06/13/08 10:20 AM #8    

Terry Dashner

The reunion was a blast. My only regret is that I didn't get to visit with everyone; nevertheless,--love you all. Terry Dashner

06/14/08 02:34 PM #9    

Ann Deets (Morson)

Hi All,
I had planned on coming and a work meeting with my district manager ran way late.
I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to come over and see everyone.
I would love to see any pics that anyone took and wants to send.
Hope to see you all either around here or at the next one.

06/15/08 01:23 AM #10    

Connie Janway (Covington)

Devereaux and ALL those who worked hard (you know who you are) to make our reunion a SUCCESS - and I think it was. THANK YOU!
Larry and I enjoyed seeing everyone. And for those who missed it - Be sure to catch the next one, you'll be glad you did.

06/16/08 06:37 PM #11    

Tonya Langford (Ragsdale)

Sorry I missed the reunion sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! I have been receiving pic's of the reunion and am enjoying them very much! If anyone has more pictures of the reunion I would love to see them. Hope everyone is doing well and hope I will be able to make the next one.
I am so glad that we now have our own "BAHS 1973" forum to go to and keep up with our classmates!

06/16/08 10:27 PM #12    

Janelle Reynolds (Stanbro)

Devereaux, and all responsible parties, this is great. Excellent and priceless work!! Jan and I truely regret not being able to make the reunion. Just an idea, but why in the world can't any or all of us get together once a month or every other month? At least the ones that live in a couple hundred mile radius!Even at one of our homes. Anyway, Jan or I will post a picture or two shortly. I'm going to the National Fur Takers Convention the 18th thru the 23rd so it'll be after that. Love seeing the pictures and reading the captions and we love the BAHS 1973 Masterpiece!Thanks again.
Billy and Jan

06/18/08 09:56 PM #13    

Jeri Dunbar (Hughes)

Hey Guys, I'm so sorry I missed the reunion....sounds like it was fabulous and I shouldn't miss another one!!!! I love the idea of getting together more often than once every 5 years....

I only attended BA my senior year, but I remember some of you and would love to get re-acquainted! I live near Houston but get back to BA about 2-3 times a year.

I love the pictures . . . come on everyone, post a picture of your kids, yourself and your grandkids!@!


07/28/08 10:19 AM #14    

Gayle McCausey (Greene)

Gary's idea of getting together sounds fun. Seeing everyone at the reunion just wasnt a long enough. I for one would like to keep the momentum going.

08/28/08 11:25 AM #15    

Karen Hickey (Schoen)

Would the person who said she is Sharon Sexton's sister-in-law contact me? I forgot who you were! There was too much going on that night...Karen Hickey Schoen

09/14/08 09:17 PM #16    

Conni Ohler (Eckstein)

Hi All! I have FINALLY landed in Norman with both my new job and my new house. I'm enjoying being out of Kansas and back among my family and friends full time! I'm traveling quite a bit for work to the west/left coast, but I'd love to keep in touch with everyone. Sorry I'll miss the tailgate on the 3rd. Hope you all have a great time.

10/06/08 09:40 AM #17    

Gayle McCausey (Greene)

Football Homecoming get together was a lot of fun. Thanks to Terri, Jera, Devereaux and of course, Gary! Lets do it again, Gayle Seidel

11/21/08 03:59 PM #18    

Dale Housley

I've added in a Chat Room plug in as requested by some. Let me know if there are any problems or issues with it. I am not familiar with this particular plug in and any feedback will be helpful.

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