Class Reunion Survey

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1)   What three songs would you most like to hear at the Reunion?

2)   What three fast songs would you most likely dance to @ the Reunion?

3)   What slow songs would you most likely dance to?

4)   What members of the faculty and staff from our era would you most like to see? (Our chances are better w/ the ones still living)

5)   Do you have any pictures, film, memorabilia, programs, uniforms, etc you could bring to the Reunion? If yes, what is it? We will have a large area for this and are looking for anything from our childhood that will bring back memories and spur conversations.

6)   Do you have any pictures from any time in their life of any of our deceased classmates? We have have a Memoriam area and would like to surround the 8 by 10s w/ other pictures or anything relevant. Go to In Memoriam heading to view list of deceased classmates.

7)   What other questions should be on the survey?

8)   What classmate would you most like to see at the Reunion?

9)   Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

10)   What time would be most appropriate to play the extensive Leon Russell medley

11)   What Leon Russell song(s) must be included?

12)   If you didn't go to Haskell Elementary did you feel disadvantaged at the time?

13)   Any other comments?.