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63/63 Golden Reunion

There has been great interest in celebrating the fact that the class of '63 will have graduated 63 years ago in 2026. Some call this a "golden" anniversary because the numbers match.

To help us determne if there is genuine interest, or not, please look at the questions below and respond with your current thoughts. You'll not be locked into anything by answering. The first question is whether or not you have any interest in a 63/63 reunion. If you respond "no", there is no need to respond to any further questions. Thank you so much for helping us make some informed decisions!

Within the survey, you'll see days of the week mentioned. These basically follow the day schedule we used in September and can be switched. These are really a sample.



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1)   * Do you have any interest in attending a reunion in 2026? A. Yes B. No C. Maybe

2)   Which months might work for you? A. July B. August C. September D. October

Mark all that apply.
3)   Which activities might interest you for Thursday...day 1...for example A..Luncheon - maybe at Maxim's or other casual venue B. Dock Hounds Baseball Game in Oconomowoc Play home games Aug 29, 30, 31

Mark all that apply.
4)   Which activities might interest you for Friday? A. Pickleball (lesson for newbies could be set up too) B. Golf C. Brewery Tour & lunch maybe at Raised Grain D. O'Donoghue's in the evening

Mark all that apply.
5)   Possible Saturday activities. A. Pool Party at Mike Slattery’s daughter's house (Waukesha) with cookout B. Above pool party but include grandkids C. Potawatomi Casino - downtown Milwaukee D. Western Racquetball Club event

Mark all that apply.
6)   Possible Sunday activity: A. Brunch at hotel B. Brunch at local restaurant

Mark all that apply.
7)   Please indicate any other activities you'd like to have included for this reunion.

This survey ended on 03/15/2024.