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08/28/08 12:43 AM #1    

Bridgeen Garrett (Kanyer)

Mr. Meyers is dead?! No wonder he didn't anwer my e-mails.

I remember someone let off stink bombs in his class and he wouldn't let us open the windows AND he shut the door so we had to smell it!

He was tough but I learned a lot in his class. Sorry about the stink was me.

08/29/08 08:47 AM #2    

Sherry Hill (Taylor)

I love-love-loved Mr. Myers!!! What an awesome man! - One of the memories I have was when he stood up in front of the class and demonstrated the different ways that soldiers march - Americans, Soviets, etc. He marched around for about 5 minutes, and was very animated. Great teacher, and I appreciated that he was tough...He and Melba May were two of my all-time favorites.

08/30/08 09:46 AM #3    

Laura Boston (Anderson)

He was possibly the very best teacher ever..pushed me so hard, made me expand my horizens and encouraged me all the time to believe in myself.
Loved to tell stories, remember when he was in the Canadian Air FOrce? Stories about his mother? He had a facinating life!
I agree, he and Melba May!!
And Houk! He is, as of about seven years ago, in Twisp, coaching football

08/31/08 09:14 AM #4    

Rebecca Griffith (Kjorvestad)

I loved Mr. Myers. We could ALWAYS get out of a test or classwork by asking him to tell us about one of his jobs. That man worked more jobs than anyone I had ever met, & he had a story about all of them - and the stories were actually interesting!

09/05/08 10:10 AM #5    

Ken Kambich

He was a great teacher and a good man. I wished I would have read 1/4th of the stuff he assigned. If I recall correctly, his first name had two "n's" in it. . . and I'm sure there was a story behind it. He gave me a D- my senior year. . . I deserved an F, but that would've meant I would be in his class the following year. . .

04/04/11 08:01 PM #6    

Adriene Brice (Saisslin)

Mr. Meyers was one of the best teachers I had over my 13 years in the Highline School District.  I apprecaited his encouragement to do your best.  He told the greatest stories.  One of my favorites was about how his wife would lay out his clothes for him since he was color blind.  So he said you could always tell when she was out of town because he would come to school with brown pants, black socks and a navy sports coat.  He was a great teacher and a kind man!

10/09/12 09:50 AM #7    

Jeni Froehlich (Hill)

Random - the one thing I remember from him is that he said every single Friday was he and his wife's date night.  They had never missed one.  I was so challenged in his class but yet that is the one thing I remember, respect, and loved about him. :)

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