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Mr Sypher

year unknown.   And I've looked back through quite a few annuals, but Mr. Sypher was never pictured!

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08/19/08 06:17 PM #1    

Mary Wang (Benham)

This guy was quite the character as you all know who had his class in "the dungeon" downstairs! Who remembers any "Sypherisms?" Remember those hilarious things he used to say?

08/20/08 09:14 AM #2    

Rebecca Griffith (Kjorvestad)

I can recall a few Sypherisms:

"Get back to your cages now, children"
"Open your books ever so rapidly"
"You're one of those vermin that make teaching rewarding"
"that was just ever so lovely"
"Cierra la boca grande, por favor"
"I'm so happy I could just throw myself under a truck"

and of course...
"Get the hell out of my class!"

08/28/08 12:16 AM #3    

Bridgeen Garrett (Kanyer)

I remember him saying, "Get out of here before I throw up."

Lots of kids snuck out of his class right after he took attendance.

08/29/08 08:41 AM #4    

Sherry Hill (Taylor)

I LOVED Senor Sypher's class! It was especially fun sitting behind Jennifer Faccone and in front of Russ Hume (neither of whom were among his top favorites - hee hee). Juanita would get so pissed when he'd groan at her and then turn to me and be all sweet.
One of the sayings I recall (that was never said to me, but quite often said to Adriana Brice) was "Shut your big fat boca before a cow flies in!" And Adriene, of course, being UNABLE to shut her big boca, would say "I just KNOW you're gonna drop dead right here in front of me" - She sat in the desk directly in front of his desk). She would always back-talk him....Hhhmmm...Somehow, I don't think her memories of Sypher's class are quite as endearing as mine. :)

09/01/08 03:38 PM #5    

Eileen Kurth

"Close your mouth before a purple cow flies in it"...that was my favorite Sypherism! He was a hoot...what was in his coffee cup???

09/14/08 09:53 AM #6    

Dana Fisher (Short)

Well first of all...he scared the hell out of me on a daily basis. But i remember he used to yell at me for no reason. I would be sitting there in the second row, staring at the back of Chip Browns head, and Sypher would suddenly and out of no where, point a long boney finger at me and yell "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASS". It was quite unnerving.

The other thing i remember is crawling out of the back of Sypher's class on my hands and knees after he took attendance. There were many many days where the every chair in the room was filled at first bell, and by the end of of the hour, half the class was MIA, and the room was a ghost town. Nothing but big purple cows flying around.....

11/15/08 01:57 PM #7    

Todd Carlsen

I remember the looks on his face he would make. They were absolutely priceless. Didn't he draw on the chalkboard bottles of booz with the x mark on them? He would say certain names that they were out working the street. I remember the "shut your trap before a cow flies in" all too well! Ha Ha. He was a classic.

08/08/09 02:18 AM #8    

Shane Slee

Check the 66-68 annuals i beleive i ha seen a old pic of Mr Syfer in my dads books ,,,

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