Missing Classmates

We have not been able to find a home address or email for the following people---do you know where they are located?  Contact Theresa (Hughes) LaFrombois @ tlafrombois@comcast.net

Daniel Alden
Jim Amodio
Marie Brewer
Patty Castagna
Dean Cook
Erick Denzler
Kathy Dickinson
Ronald Eley
Tina Feil
Mark Freelund
Michelle Garrett
Lisa Gilbert
Anthony Hario
Dan Hilt
Victoria Houser
Mark Kleweno
Stephen Lamar
Darren Lucchini
Beth McNew (Anderson)
Scott Meredith
Robert Metz
Brenda Mosbrucker
Roy Nelson
Paola Ojeda
Lori O'Sullivan (Schwartz)
Richard Sato
Kavin Sherwood
Mary Waltner
David Wright
Ruth Youngs (Lew)