The Committee

November 5th Commitee gathering at Dillman Center

 Mary Kay assigning Tasks!  :)

January 14th Commitee gathering, 

 Mary Kay takes charge of another fun night of Reunion planning!  :)

Feb 4th meeting at Dillman Center

Reunion Commitee at the Foster Golf Course April 29th

Another successful meeting!


Committee Chairpersons: 

Saturday Reunion Chair:       Mary Kay (Dooley) Sposari      

Friday Golf Chair(s):               Tony Hildebrandt                    

                                                    Dave Schmidt                           

Web Master:                              Ray Wallitner                             

Classmate List Chair:             Theresa (Hughes) LaFrombois   

Sponsorship Chair:                  Open    

Treasurer:                                 Mike McBride                           

Decorations:                              Eileen (Sullivan) Schmidt         

                                                    Jenni (Richardson) Bodnar       

Creative Director:                    Cathi Brinck Price                    

Media: Slide Show                   Ray Wallitner                           

                                                    Karen Ostendorp(Wells)                   

Additional committee members:
Karen Ostendorp Wells, Lisa Megale Barnecut,  Maria Megale Olson, Rico Peretti,  Cathi Brinck Price,  Larry Sherwin, Wendy Toth Anderson, Lauri Leonetti

We would love to have you help us plan an awesome reunion!  Email Mary Kay (Dooley) Sposari at