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08/14/08 11:55 PM #51    

Kristine Nilsson (Brzycki)

To All....
Hope everyone is doing well. As for the weekend of the reunion I will not be attending. I'm in a huge PAUL B tournament. Yes I continued the lunch time ritual. As for Kris Nilsson... she has been stalking me for years and apparently editing me into photos. If anyone knows her whereabouts please tell her to leave me alone. Nick I've tried to contact you, I might have the wrong e mail so please send again. We get back to the Chicago Land area once or twice a year. We would love to see ya! Chris Jacobs our condolences go out to your family. Have a good time, be safe.
Pete Brzycki

08/15/08 08:00 AM #52    

Robert Ostrom

Hey Pete,

Nice to see you've surfaced. I've seen Kris tanning by your old pool on Mackinaw with Elvis and JFK , Jr. She seems to have a thing for John John but I'll confirm next time I'm through the hood. Get a hold of me next time you're in town. My email is in the profile section. Chris sorry to hear about Rick's dad. We'll certainly keep you all in our prayers during this upcoming gathering.

08/18/08 09:38 PM #53    

Deneen Tokich

Just wanted to say what a great job the committee did putting the reunion together and how much fun I had seeing everyone : )

08/18/08 10:01 PM #54    

Kathleen Conneen (Orminski)

Sorry I couldn't join you all, sounds like it was fun. I thought about it all day at work. Would much have rather been there. Looking to see some photos. Rilio, are you going to keep this website going? It's fun reading through everyone's bios.

Kathleen (Conneen) Orminski

08/25/08 02:26 PM #55    

Kimberly Van Duyse (Cusack)

Hello all,
Sorry I wasn't able to make it. It was crazy at work and if you've ever been to the Dells you know what I'm talking about. I had planned on it and took the time off but duty calls and I was stuck in Wisconsin. I would have loved to have seen everyone but hopefully next time I'm make it. Keep in touch, Kim

08/25/08 04:24 PM #56    

Michael Pierzchalski

Hey sorry I couldn't make the reunion. I bet it was a blast to see everyone after thirty years. I've been reading the classmate profiles which has been great in seeing what everyone has been up to. I usually get back to Chicago once a year for Christmas and a couple other times for business. It would be great to get together with some of you for a few drinks next time I'm in town. Anyone that's interested let me know and I'll contact you next time I'm in Chicago. I went on the internet to see how Pete B. did in the Paul B torunament but couldn't find the results. If anyone has the link please forward it on. If anyone is ever in the Seattle area let me know.

Best Regards,


08/26/08 07:44 AM #57    

Robert Ostrom

Thanks for all of the setup you all did for the main event-it was a nice night. It was too bad more of you couldn't make it, it was a real trip going down that 30 year old memory lane-especially when Mr. O shouted out-it put a chill down your spine-and you could tell who used to get in trouble the most because they straightened right up - even after 30 years( see Kevin F and Jill). Hope there are other opportunities to get together in the future. The email is on the profile so keep the stories going. Have a great next 30 years. Bob

09/10/08 11:04 PM #58    

Mr. George Grenchik

To the Class of 78 -

After such a fun time at the Reunion, I must tell you in sadness of the passing of one of your classmates, Lisa Mazzuca. I hear that she suffered an aneurysm. I believe she was living in Minnesota where her family had moved. She is being buried out of St. Victor on Saturday Sept. 13 at 10:00 (I think). The only visitation is before the Mass. Sorry to be the bearer of sad news.
May God be with her and her family.

Mr. G

09/11/08 09:36 AM #59    

Jill Horvath (Haas)

Hello Classmates,

I saw the sad news in The Times newspaper this morning in the obituary section on my way to work. Mr.G. you are correct mass is at 10:00am this Saturday.My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


09/18/08 09:48 PM #60    

Christine Barrett (Kristl)

I just logged onto this site today. I am so sorry that Lisa passed. She was so friendly back at SVS - she was definetly one of the people I had hoped to see at the reunion. I hope her family will find peace.

10/04/08 11:30 AM #61    

Rilio Mastrantonio

I have started loading the pictures from the Reunion. It takes a while so I will post them as I can. Enjoy!

10/07/08 11:30 PM #62    

Nicholas Sikich

Hello everyone!...Im posting my email here because im having a problem with some of you receiving messages thru this site...I have messaged Mike Perch, and Pete several times and found out they did not receive..My email is is welcome to email me there! Peace Nick Sikich

10/29/08 12:50 PM #63    

Kimberly Van Duyse (Cusack)

Sad about Lisa. I'm told she was taking medication that had a possibility of causing blood clots. Unfortunatly she got one. I'm sure her and her whole family will be remembered in everyones prayers.

10/29/08 08:52 PM #64    

Thomas Blahunka

While returning home from the Wisconsin Dells with my family,we stopped for a bite to eat at a great Tex-Mex restaurant called SABROSA in Roscoe,IL the food is outstanding and the owner is super friendly!!! His name is Roy Niksich...
Thanks again Roy, it was great to see you!! My kids said it's their new favorite Mexican restaurant! Please let me know when you expand your delivery zone to Crown Point,IN.
Any of you traveling near Rockford make sure you stop in!! The reunion committee wants to plan a road trip to Roy's when he opens his brand new location in the near future. Stay tuned.....

11/12/08 08:30 AM #65    

Kathleen Conneen (Orminski)

Just an update, my husband, son and I have just moved to Texas near Austin. Don't know if anyone is in this area, but you never know. Mike has taken an awesome new job and I will be pounding the pavement soon. Still plan on working in an ICU and there are some great hospitals in this area. If anyone is ever traveling in this area, look me up!

11/20/08 12:12 PM #66    

Christine Barrett (Kristl)

Kathleen -
Good luck in Texas. I am working in ICU at Community in Munster, very challenging but I like it. I hope your new home is good for you & your family.

11/24/08 01:17 PM #67    

Jill Horvath (Haas)

Hello Eveyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving !! Be safe if you are traveling. Hey Joe when is the next meeting? Maybe we can get together after the holidays. I need to laugh. Hey Rilio what happened to the rest of the pictures?


12/11/08 11:12 PM #68    

David Barrett

Yes Jill we need to get everyone together, I suggest after the holidays, everyone have a Merry Christmas

12/18/08 01:07 PM #69    

Jill Horvath (Haas)

Hello Everyone,

I would like to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas and a Safe and healthy 2009. I hope Santa brings everyone what they want for Christmas!


12/20/08 02:04 PM #70    

Thomas Blahunka



01/09/09 09:56 PM #71    

Thomas Blahunka

To Kim Haugh my condolences on the passing of your Dad.
You're in our thoughts and prayers! God bless you and your family Kim!

02/23/09 06:57 PM #72    

Christine Barrett (Kristl)

When did Mr. Hirsch pass away? Also, my prayers for Kim and her family (I remember that Kim's older sister was April). I am very blessed to still have both my parents in my life. I hope Kim and her family find peace.

03/02/09 08:14 PM #73    

Joseph Casner

I just wanted to update everybody with info from our last meeting we discussed some ideas for the the group to do this summer. One idea was going to a White Sox game, we can plan a Saturday night game, tickets are full price, or we can plan a Monday night tickets are half price. Let me know with an e-mail if you are intrested in this idea. Second idea is a trip to Roscoe, IL to visit Roy at his Tex-Mex restaurant again email me if you would like to go with us.

08/16/09 09:20 PM #74    

Paula Albrecht (Mueller)

Oh my goodness! I just found this site and cannot believe that I missed the party!!!! What fun it would have been to see all of you.

07/15/18 05:46 PM #75    

Gerard Kraus

Tell me some news.

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