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2018 50th Reunion Recap Message:  (scroll down for photo collections)

On behalf of your committee, thanks to eveyone who came!   First though, our regrets and condolences to Shirley Bickings whose husband was gravely ill then passed away just before the reunion. And to Sandi Sharp who lives too close to the Bern River in NC and suffered flood damage that prevented her from attending.  And to Faith Lough and new hubby Petter Otten, also NC residents, who had no damage but simply could not travel the roadways due to the extreme flooding.  We had classmates waitlisted for the Saturday dinner who reached out and reimbursed all those who had planned to come. What a wonderful gesture.   Thersa LaValley is still on the mend with her shattered ankle but we managed a Face Time with her on Sunday at the picnic which fell on her actual 68th birthday.  

For those who were there!  Wow, the weather was ideal, for Fri and Sat anyway and all went smoothly at the Gaylord with check ins.  The hotel has 1996 rooms and for those of you absent from the area in past years, it is really something to behold. Friday night found us filtering in to the mixer/pub night at The Irish Whisper.  Tom McCarthy used his charm to have the pub replace their music with "Our" tunes on a playlist he created.  We had a poster done by Louise Brooke's company Empire Graphics, that had our yearbook "scribble" page duplicated and then room to sign again for the 50th.. We had 76 people on pub night!. And can someone out there tell me if they saw Dusty Ellison Friday night?  Her signature was on the poster but she's not registered on the site. So it was a complete mystery how she heard about the mixer. 

Saturday was free time to enjoy the National Harbour.. The circulator bus took some shopping and others to the MGM Hotel and Casino at the top of the hill. The casino is about 3 years old now and was built at a cost of 1.2 billion. The Chesapeake Oyster and Wine fest was also staged for Saturday and Sunday during the daytime and several classmates went to that event.  Others were spotted at the Capital Wheel for a spin overlooking the Potomac and WW Bridge. Ann Stafford, though, was busy with her flower arranging at Mc Cormick and Schmicks. Thank you Ann, your efforts were beautiful.. Not sure how she lugged 17 fishbowls and candles and boxes of roses that needed to be trimmed but she got the job done.  

We began arriving, getting our name tags with our 18 year grad photos as  ID.  Our meal was 2 kinds of salads, sliced beef medallions with bordelaise , chicken piccata lemon butter and capers, lump crab cakes with roasted poblano tartar sauce and a vegetarian pasta primavera.  Veggies, rice pilaf and mashed potatoes were our accompaniments.  Our cakes were carrot and yellow with mocha buttercream crafted by Desserts by Gerard, a Parisian born baker who's tiny shop is nearby in Oxon Hill.   As the mealtime slowed, Dr Vest was introduced by our MC Roger Saucier.  Dr Vest is 81 now and still lives close to Crossland.  I hope to have someone who shot video of his speech  and post it on our site.  We had a special drawing for the 15 members of the military who were with us.  Joe Diana won the US FLAG that was flown over the Capital with the certificate of authenticity .   Our vets names went back into the bucket with the others and we drew for nice prizes and gift cards. Gary Simmons who has a B and B to run in the Catskills NY donated a 2 night stay with dinner - that drawing was won by one of the DiFillippo twins, sorry never could tell you apart!    Our  auctions were quite surprising!  Penny Brown's donated quilt brought $230 to phone bidder  Sue Hall, our classmate in Sarasota, Fl who could not join us.  It was a battle between Bob Gaither and Sue. Finally, the oil painting by Richard Ginnette - another heated flurry of bids but ultimately nabbed by John Hertzler for $400!  Please give a look at Richards website... richard-ginnett.pixels.com  He is an amazing artist and we can't thank you enough for your efforts. 

Where is this money going??? Why the class of 68 will be turning 70 soon, so here we go again.  A birthday bash is next up.. more on that later.

Our Sunday brunch was at 11 am at the Walrus Oyster and Ale house.. many with suitcases in tow headed for the airports.  About 25 people said one last good bye.

The great weather from Fri-Sat left us and it was dreary and rainy  all day Sunday.. But not at Bruce Guinn's house on the river in Prince Frederick.. about 35 of us made it despite the gloom outside and had a fun time indoors with the Skins  game, the memorabilia and photos.  Thanks to the fellas, Bruce, Gary, Dennis, Jens  and Jimmy for taking care of the picnic food and drink.  Wish it could have been a sunny day. We even had a corn hole game that was wrapped by Empire Graphics to look like our yearbook! But due to rain we never used it..

We are waiting for pictures to post so please either post on Facebook or email to gailmail2@verizon.net   A page dedicated to photos is forthcoming..

The big 70 birthday!  Keep in mind a location that is near a major airport, accessible, a time of year that does not coincide with holidays nor spring breakers and good weather!  If we are to stay at one location, large hotel, bar and restaurant,pool? and possibly another event nearby that would round out a weekend stay.  Our " residing in " numbers are greatest in Md, Va and Fl.   Since our classmates came from Kona, Hawaii!, Washington State, California, New Mexico,Arizona,Georgia, Colorado, Massachusetts,Michigan Texas, Nevada, Florida, Alabama ,New York, PA, MD and Va, surely there is a place you can suggest. Never too early to start planning!   

We have lost 50 classmates over the years - though it was hard to hear Jens, he remembered them fondly in a lovely speech about never ending friendships.  How we miss those who could not share in this milestone occasion.   And in a heartwarming gesture Ann made rose bouquets - handed to the ladies - of our "sweetheart" couples... met in school and married still.. Nancy Sharp and Rob Yescheck, Jimmy Leapley and Belinda Lowery, Terry Laws and Lynn Carper, Luanne (Lucy) Robbins and Rob Carroll.. and in their own category Diane Desnoyers and teacher Ern Messina!    

We, the committee, sincerely hope a good time was had by all.. it's easier than ever to stay connected so lets ride this wave and keep it going... 70 is going to happen so might as well have some fun with it.. Send us those suggestions for the birthday party and send those photos!! 

Peace out! 

Bruce, Gary, Ann, Gail, Dennis, Jens, Roger, Jimmy

and thanks to EVERYONE who stepped in to help!   And Roberta, glad to have you on board!  



Friday night mixer Video courtesy of Dave Price.  Click here to go to his Dropbox site to view it.

Saturday night dinner Video courtesy of Dave Price.  Click here to view it.

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