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09/28/14 02:20 PM #19    

Alice (Lisa) Ruby (Marshall)

I agree with Barbara that it's David Critzer, and second from left on front row is Rim Gardner, class of '69.

07/15/15 09:08 AM #20    

Scott Buell

When was this picture taken? I only went to Crossland my Senior Year. The guys I knew look younger than I remember. Anyone know the whereabouts of Bill Flynn? I haven't seen or heard anything about him since the mid 70's. Was also wondering about Rusty Olmert but saw him pop up on this forum.

07/16/15 07:50 AM #21    


John Hertzler

That is a great picture!  I haven't seen a picture of Mark Holmes....ever!  He and Mike Teubner were my best friends in junior high... Taney Jr. High.  And hello to Rusty whom I also haven't seen forever!  I was just talking to my daughter about you yesterday...that you were the "cool" one...drummers always were.  Lord, I miss those days.  I guess we all do to some degree.  Thank you, Theresa and all who have worked so hard in creating and maintaining this website.  As to the time of the must have been in junior high, maybe our 9th grade year.  Is it the baseball team, I wonder?  Mr. Mann was the coach and phys ed teacher at Taney, yes?  Anyway...I miss you all.  Lived in California for 30 years and got back to maybe one reunion...missing this year again.  Daughter, Hanna, in high school up here in upstate NY.  I tell her stories about high school and the Wakes....Teubner, Jens, Kenuto, Rusty, and Ron...our self produced band party at "Hertzler's Armpit"  as Teubner lovingly referred to the half-barracks in my back yard....(his father,General Teubner, took the other half or that could be an errant memory only of mine) ....anyway...memories are mysterious and wonderful things.  Best wishes to all and I hope to see you again sooner than later.  jgh

07/16/15 07:54 AM #22    


John Hertzler

Funny...I can't remember why I sent this picture of myself in 1990 in a show in LA...I am in the pith helmet.  Its from "Breaker Morant" and the other fella is Steffen Foster from South Africa...among my best lifetime friends.  But why I ever brought it to this forum is a mystery....Not sure how to change it!  Doesn't matter really.  jgh

07/16/15 09:04 PM #23    


David Critzer (Critzer)

I posted a response to the Taney Baseball team on Richard Ginnetts Profile page about our classes last game

07/17/15 05:20 PM #24    

Mark Ashley (Ashley)

I'd posted something snarly here yesterday, which I've just deleted. I was wondering why I would have been so negative in the first place - then, waking up this morning, I remembered. Mr. Richel - think that was the spelling - home room and English in the seventh grade at Taney. He was a monster. Does any remember him? That he selected, by his own mysterious criteria at the beginning of the school year, the "row leaders" who would be his favorites for the rest of the year; that he took the row leaders boating, filmed the day, then showed the movie to the rest of us; that he wondered, aloud why the rest of us couldn't rise to their example? I remember that we all endured his abuses in silence, but that it was a row leader who finally snapped - I wish I could remember her name - told her parents, and started the reaction that would ultimately rein him in. My only year at Taney, as my Dad was transferred to War College in Alabama the next year. My relief at moving to Alabama was short-lived (1963, for God's sake).

07/22/16 11:16 PM #25    


David Price

Thank you to our Reunion Committee who has already planned our 50th reunion! You all are awesome!

One suggestion - could you post the info here? There are several sites that have been used over the years but this one seems to be the one you all have settled on. It works well and I never get junk email from this site.

Thanks again!

Dave Price

07/24/16 10:16 AM #26    

Roger Stultz

Mr. Mann works part time at ledo'pizza in Charlotte Hall I am sure he would like to see anyone of you. Don't know his hours but sure you could ask. The reuion committie maybe would like to ask him to the reuion.


01/02/17 05:19 PM #27    


Thomas Tankersley

I get to see Mr. Mann occasionally, when my wife and I visit Hughesville where my parents live.  He told me he is at Ledo's by McKays usually on Fridays helping his daughter, who owns the restaurant.  I know, he would be happy to see you, if you have a chance to stop.  My Dad is 89 and use to coach many of Crossland football players on the Morningside/Camp Springs Boys Club.  He would, also, be happy to see you guys when your in town.

08/16/18 04:42 PM #28    


Erik Listou

I am so sadden to hear about Theresa's accident, especially when it was caused by a scatter or throw rug. This is a lesson for us all. I was on a TV interview once explaining that you should THROW away throw rugs before someone is injured. Now, everyone, go through your home and remove all tripping hazards and proactively make your home more accessible, comfortable and safe, for everyone, regardless of current or future needs. Let's leave a legacy of a safer home.

08/17/18 11:24 AM #29    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

first off a BIG thank you to Gail Watson for her recent post updating our class concerning "The Fall" (see Danny Fitzpatrick message).  Needless to say Eric Listou is correct THROW AWAY THE THROW RUGS!!! The damn things came up and tripped me July 25 causing a triple fracture of right ankle-literally moved tibia 2 inches from where it should be.  What a bitch!!! Here I was loving life, loving my crafts, working out and having a good time in Melbourne FL.  But NO reality check - girl your 67 get real! 

sutures out August 20 and hopefully get walking boot to RE-start my retirement life.  So at this point attending our BIG reunion weekend could be very doubtful. However, I had planned to visit my Mom (96), at our family home in Apple Grove off Bock Rd, just a few days after the fall but naturally that didn't happen and then was to fly up for my 68th birthday at Moms the weekend of our reunion.  So MAYBE just maybe I'll fly up to visit Mommy (as previously planned) borrow the family car and make it over for the Friday night gathering at the Harbor (unless someone wants to roadtrip!).  Share some memories, laugh till I cry but walk causiously and no boogie down dancing!

I guess it's true what they say on facebook about an algorithum that limits friends views and postings.  I had an extensive posting of my accident there but Gail was proactive in posting it here as well.  I wish all my fellow alums happiness through our aging years to stay calm, accept our limitations and just love every moment.  We're still here and fondly remember those we've loved who aren't here to enjoy these moments.  I might be limping but my guardian angel will be with me as well as the energizing bunny.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement for we share a lot in common\

Love, Theresa 

08/18/18 06:42 PM #30    

Malcolm Versel

Hi Theresa,
It is the worst thing if your not able to attend the reunion! I was so looking forward to seeing you there. I did read your post, so it seems that there still might be a chance for me to see you. That would be great!
I do hope that you're making a very speedy recovery, though it will certainly take time to fully heal. I just hope the process goes as smoothly as possible for you. Truly! I'm impressed that your mom still lives on Blanford Drive. Actually, that's amazing! My folks bailed in 1972.
I hope I get to see you! Get well/heal fast! 

08/27/18 03:34 PM #31    

Irene Sheridan (Huston)

Hey, Theresa! This is the first I heard about your unfortunate fall. We're friends on FB but FB hasn't notified me of any posts you've made in a long, long time. It sounds like you're recovering well and I hope you'll be as good as new ASAP. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll make it to the reunion...crossing my toes, too...and my eyes  cheeky heart 

09/13/18 04:34 PM #32    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

Well this is a real drag - I won't be attending our reunion, not even happy hour.   My next appointment with surgeons assistant is Sept. 26th and at that time I'm hoping to hear I can START to put weight on my right foot.  This triple fracture of my ankle has set me back tremendously.  I've got a feeling it won't be until late October that I could even think of getting on a plane to travel home to Mom's house in Apple Grove, Oxon Hill MD.

It would be great to facetime with ANY of you during the reunion weekend.  My cell is 321-318-9442.  It's 91 degrees here today in Melbourne FL but I'll try to stay fully clothed over reunion weekend awaitig your call ! ! !

When I do arrive home I will be spending a good 2-3 weeks at Mom's.  My sister, Patty, passed away September 3 2018 and I will assist the family in multiple capacities while at the family home.

As for FaceBook Irene, an algorithm is screwing with the works, thus you don't see all my posts and other individuals posts.  If interested just search my name-pull up my home page-and scroll through whats been occurring with me.


02/10/20 03:38 PM #33    

Richard Ginnett



Not specifically a Class of 68 photo, but thought some in the group might enjoy my lastest oil painting "Reel Classics".  Maybe bring back some memories from the late 60s and early 70s.

02/11/20 08:23 AM #34    


Mardie (Beth) Canham (Bryant)

You are incredibly talented!  I could stare at this painting for hours, if I had the time, just to take it all in.  I am impressed, and at the same time proud, that you are part of my '68 CHS class.  Where might I find more of your artwork online?? 

All the best to you and your family in these, our 70, birthday years. smiley

02/12/20 07:58 AM #35    

Richard Ginnett

Thanks Mardie, I appreciate the nice words!  I have my paintings on the Fine Art America website, and you can view all my work there through the following link:

It's probably a bit sad that I have all these albums around, as well as the tape deck and receiver!

Best of luck as we move into our 70's.


02/12/20 10:56 AM #36    

Jerry O'Connor


I took a look at your website, what a joy. Your talent is very imptessive.

Tell me, is a print copy of Reel Classics avaialbe? There's a spot on my den wall where it would hang beautifully.

You can contact me back here at this site.

Best to you.

Jerry O'Connor

02/13/20 08:53 AM #37    

Richard Ginnett


Nice to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to look at my art work!

Yes, a print of any of my work is available directly through the Fine Art America site.  If you click on the Reel Classic image, a new page is displayed with just that image and options to order prints.  You can have it printed on paper or canvas and also select frames and mats.  What's nice is if you select a frame, the image is re-displayed with the frame (and or mat) so you get a real idea what the final product would look like.

Thanks again for enquiring about this and if you have further questions and would like to contact me directly you can do that at


All the best.



02/14/20 03:29 PM #38    


Mardie (Beth) Canham (Bryant)

Richard, I got a chance to look at your site.  With gasps of admiration for your talent.  
Question: do you have the name of the Scottish castle?

I found 3 of your pieces that were very similar to scenes that I had photographed.  In my shock at the similarity, I also noted that your paintings were more real-looking than my photos...... surprise

Do you enter competitions?  Bob Burns has a nephew whose work I also admire; he has entered many competitions & has been on covers of magazines, .  You should be, too!!


02/15/20 09:55 AM #39    

Richard Ginnett


First of all, thanks for taking the time to look at my paintings on the site.  The Scottish Castle is Balvenie.  I had the photo of the castle from when we lived in the UK, but I added all the foreground (water, path, heather, etc) to make it a bit more interesting.

I used to belong to the Art League at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, Alexandria, but that started to be too much like a job.  But I am a member of the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) and they have one or two shows a year that I enter paintings if for jury selection.  I have been fortunate enough to be selected for three different shows (2 on the east coast and one in Scotsdale, AZ).  And the Reel Classics painting was just selected for this year's IGOR Spring Exhibition.  This will be an on-line show that will run from 20 March to 20 May, and will be marketed on the IGOR site as well as through the American Art Collector and QC Fine Arts sites.  I'm not sure exactly how this will work, but am happy to be included.

Otherwise, I just do things for myself or commissions.  I actually have three commissions this year (one I'm finishing up and two that I'm working up sketches for).  I enjoy those, and the combination keeps me busy and somewhat out of trouble.

Again, thanks for the nice feedback!   Take care.


05/10/21 05:20 PM #40    

Richard Ginnett

A few of the Class of 68 were in 6th grade together at Tayac Elementary -  John Hertzler, Nelson Gardner, Willeen Oursler, Randy Wilkerson. 

05/11/21 11:40 AM #41    

Malcolm Versel

Richard, I ageee with Mardie, Jerry and pretty much everyone else who is fortunate to see your masterful art. Wonderful talent, beautiful realizations. Congratulations! Your efforts merit all the laudatory praise we can muster. Keep it going! Best wishes, Malcolm 

05/11/21 04:49 PM #42    


John Hertzler

Richard....also....Pat Fallon, David Olson, and it seems several more but I've already forgot!  Damn! 71!  But still enjoying your painting of AT THE SHOPPES....always, jgh


08/26/21 10:30 AM #43    


John Hertzler

Not sure what all the frufru at the previous page is all about regarding posting a message.  Nevertheless, I'm going to post.   It seemed to be such a more promising world for us back in '68....And yet if I really remember that year...MLK was assassinated, RFK was assassinated, TET Offensive happened, tens of thousands of American troops killed in Vietnam, thousands wounded...Nixon elected,....what a mess we all faced and yet we seemed happy and looking forward at the world into which we headed.  I wonder if my daughter who graduated college this year has that same feeling as she hurries into this insane world that we are leaving all our kids?  jgh

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