Medical Miss'n


August 18, 2012 at Jollibee, Canlubang for the Medical Association slated Nov. 3, 2012 at Sta. Cecilia Elem School.

Attendees were:

Lito Tacujan,  Ely Baradas, Jun Uson, Cynthia Uson, Macon Dejan, Carina Bathan Bautista, Jun Sarmiento, Louie Mijares.

 Guest observers were balikbayans Joel Del Rosario, Fe Barrameda and members of the RI Batch 73.




A LETTER is to be sent to Mr. Martin Gomez, CSE resident manager, requesting for a copy of the old residents who were eligible for housing privileges under the old management. Ms Carina Bathan Bautista, who have worked with the Housing Office, said the list was comprehensive with the body deciding to go over the list and screened against the list submitted earlier per barrio or sitio. 

The list is important because the Medical Mission will be exclusive to the old residents and a master list could be used to weed out the crowd of ‘outsiders’..




THE GROUP has sent letters to the Calamba Medical Association and the Calamba Dental ssociation, the Kiwanis Club, Mr Tiny Meneses abd Mr Mike Avelino of Unilab. The committee will ask how they could help out in the MM.


Registration and profiling of ailments and assistance.


It was stressed that the success of the MM hinges on the registration and profiling of ailments since it will be the list up group which will direct those seeking assistance.



 THE MM will – through colors codes –  be concentrated on the following services:

  3.    DENTAL
  4.    XRAY


THE MEETING ENDED 8 PM  (prepared by Lito Tacujan)


August 17, 2012

Hi everybody..we are now on the final push for our medical mission for Canlubang elders and the core group of the Balik Canlubang will meet Saturday, aug. 18, at 5pm at jollibee in canlubang. because of the enormity of the event, we are on the lookout for those who could lend a hand. We are keen on tapping kababayans who are in the field of medicine. How about it guys?
Another thing, we are posting here the new bank accounts for those who want to help. Taga- Canlubang in Europe you can send your assistance thru east west bank calamba branch...savings account no 003502014561...checking account no 035-02-01456-1. Thanks and God Bless.


Lito Tacujan as posted on Facebook. Taga Canlubang ako kung....




July 14, 2012

Hi everybody.—The Balik-Canlubang group met over the weekend and basically worked on  the etails for the coming medical mission scheduled November 3, 2012 at the Sta. Cecilia elementary compound…We picked Nov. 3 to take advantage of the long weekend. Here are some of the salient points taken during the meeting,

1. Letters will be sent to Mr. Mike Avelino, Ms Susan delos Santos  Virador, Tiny Meneses, Calamba Medical Association, Calamba Dental Association and pharma companies based in Canlubang seeking their assistance for the MM.

2.  Info drive: There will be tarpaulins announcing the date and place of the MM to be put up in various areas in Canlubang.

3.  There remains the unsettling issue on how to determine the bona fide old timers and Canlubang residents in need of medical assistance from the ‘ informal settlers’ and other ‘outsiders’ who might join the MM. The committee will invite Ms Carina Bathan Rodriguez on the next meeting since she may have some ideas on how to come up with a master list of CSE residents based from he housing project she handled in the past.

4. Mr.  Ely Baradas proposed a certain amount—P250,000—to be on stand-by for the expenses to be incurred during the MM on top of the assistance –in various forms like medicine, vitamins and services—we may receive from donors and civic groups.


As the wish of Mrs. Cecile Yulo Locsin during the Balik-Canlubang organizers courtesy call on her that we try to revive interest in youth baseball, we will soon work on the establishment of a Canlubang Baseball Foundation in consultation with Mr. Michael Yulo and Mr.  Andy Locsin --who have been involved with baseball in Canlubang for so many years.

The foundation, as envisioned by Mr. Jun Sarmiento – will among other functions, establish and maintain youth baseball leagues in the town, rehab the Canlubang stadium—in coordination with the Yulo Family—and maintain is upkeep and  eventually form a senior baseball team in the mould of the Canlubang Barons.

WE will post the details on the foundation as soon as we have met with major stakeholders in the town.

Mr. James De Guia informed the group that Rizal Institute as two HS tems at the moment and the school is willing to help out in maintaining the stadium once it is back in shape.

Transfer of funds.Mr.  Baradas will coordinate with Emon Ponce of East West Bank  -Calamba for the transfer of the Balik funds.

 ( Those who attended the meeting were Ely Baradas, LitoTacujan, Tony Sarmiento, Louie Mijares, Efren Castalone, Jun Uson, Mercy Baradas, Macon Dejan, Bella Hardillo Sumagui and Mel Bagtas.)

Lito Tacujan


June 16, 2012

(Present—Ely Baradas, Lito Tacujan, Mercy Baradas, Macon Dejan, Liza del Rosario, Roy Oliver, Sylvia Barrameda, Jojie Bernarte and Imelda Bagtas)

The core group of the Balik-Canlubang organization has decided to hold the Medical Mission ( MM) for elderly and senior citizens of Canlubang on November 3, 2012 at the Sta. Cecilia Elementary School ground. The MM is the culminating activity of the Balik-Canlubang Homecoming held January which drew Canlubang residents from all over the world for a weeklong of fun and fellowship with their local counterparts. We were able to generate enough funds from the generous support of our kakabayans, particularly those based in the US, through the big help of Ms Mellie C . Faunlagui and Lourdes Manalang and we will earmark a huge amount for the MM. We have posted our financial report at the RI Alumni website and the Facebook webpage of Taga-Canlubang Ako.. We were able to talk with Mr. Michael Avelino, a batang Canlubang, a director of United Laboratories, Inc., and he assured us that he would help out on a personal basis and as an executive of Unilab. We will also seek assistance from pharma companies with laboratories located in Canlubang, the Medical Association of Calamba, the Dental Association of Calamba ( thru Dra Marie Carandang) and civic groups like the Kiwanis and tap taga-Canlubang, particularly the children of old timers who are into the medical profession and allied fields. To ensure that the recipients of medical assistance and beneficiaries of the MM are bona fide Canlubang old timers and senior citizens, a roster will be prepared in coordination with different sitios and barrios in the old town. The committee would be needing volunteers to do the leg work for a comprehensive roster of recipients. Ms Mercy Baradas has suggested that a mobile ambulance equipped with X-ray and other medical facilities be made available for the occasion while those who could afford, a complete blood chemistry test will be offered for P300 each. Otherwise the Balik committee will help shoulder the cost. The Balik –Canlubang will also try to seek an appointment for a courtesy call on Mrs. Cecile Yulo Locsin through Ms Suzanne Ledesma and hopefully get her inputs on the coming medical mission. We will present her with some copies of the Balik Canlubang souvenir program.


Lito A. Tacujan