Balik Canlubang 2015






This is a singing competition.

            A karaoke machine and screen will not be available for use. Contestants must memorize the songs they will be performing. Cash prizes & certificates will be awarded to the winners: 5000pesos 1st place and 3000 each to the 4 other winners in the grand finals.


All participants and their families release Balik-Canlubang, their officers, members and sponsors from any liability resulting from their performance and attendance at this event.  The judges and Balik-Canlubang reserve the right to disqualify any contestant whose performance does not meet the Judges and Balik-Canlubang standards.


WHO CAN COMPETE:  The contest is open to all residents and descendants of OLD Canlubang.  You must be 15 years of age or older or have a parent or guardian to sign up for you.  All contestants must be amateur entertainers.  Professional entertainers (whose talent is a principal source of income) are not permitted to enter.  If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Dhel Castalone Lulu at 0919 507-3247.


REGISTRATION:  All contestants must submit an entry form.  Only one person can perform per application form.  Deadline for submission of entry form is on NOVEMBER 29, 2014, SATURDAY. A general meeting of all contestants with the Balik-Canlubang officers will also be held on this date. Time & place will be announced in a later date.

How to enter the contest:

  1. Send an email to: and request an entry form.
  2. Go to Gamers Korner Computer Shop #7 Acacia Street and fill out an application.
  3. Text or call The Voice of  Canlubang Committee: Dhel Lulu 0919 507-3247 Macon Dejan 0927 575-2083 Eboy Contreras 0918 715-4407.


COMPETITION & JUDGING: The contest will have an elimination categorizing contestants to 15-40yrs of age & 41 and above. Top 10 will be selected for each category (depends on the number of entries) and semi-finals will be held. Only top 5 will be selected for the Grand Finals.

Judging will be based on: Voice Quality 35% Musicality 35% Showmanship/Stage Presence 15% Audience Impact 15%.  Members of the Panel of Judges are very well selected all musical experts and their decision in judging will be final.


Important dates for the competition will be further discussed during the general meeting of all contestants. Priority now is to get an entry form, fill it up and submit to us ASAP.  Maraming salamat…..


                                                                                    THE VOICE OF CANLUBANG COMMITTEE 2015




« THE VOICE OF CANLUBANG » Singing Contest


NAME: ___________________________________________________________


Parents’ Names:

Father _______________________________               Mother ______________________________

Complete Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Number of years of residence in this address: _____________  Phone Number: ______________

Age: ____   Birthday: __________________


I am willing to join the Balik-Canlubang 2015 - “The Voice of Canlubang” Singing Contest and my signature acknowledges that I have read ALL Contest Rules formulated and associated with the said competition and that I agree to abide with them and respect the decision of the Judges in particular.



      _____________________________________                         _____________________

    Signature of the Contestant-Applicant                                       Date & Place

       ____________________________________                           ___________________

Signature of Balik-Canlubang 2015 Representative                             Date

Important Note: This application/entry form must be submitted on or before November 29, 2014 , Saturday to Balik-Canlubang 2015- The Voice of Canlubang Committee!!! Come to the general meeting of all  contestants at SCCS Elem. School at 3PM.



July 5, 2014

A brief reminder taken on an earlier post onBalik-Canlubang 2015.

(Events on tap .. Jan 4, 2015- fun run, Jan 5, golf tournament, Jan 7 Bingo Night, Jan 8 the Voice auditions, Jan 9 ( optional for those who may wish a private get- together with friends , relatives or former classmates . Jan 10, the Voice Of Canlubang final .. Patterned after the popular tv show.. Jan 11 Grand Canlubang Night.

The ...dates have been set to let our Kababayans consider spending The holidays here. We know the cost of fares is very prohibitive in the peakest of season but we feel Christmas, New Year plus a Reunion will be a great package hard to resist for taga-canlubang not only residing abroad but all over the country and those based at home.)

The core group of the Balik-Canlubang 2015 met over the weekend to sort of rev up the engines for the grand reunion next year. With barely six months to go, the core group hopes the pace of preparations would pick up so everything would be in place by early December to ensure the success of the event.

Our immediate concern is the souvenir program which would entail an enormous task of collecting, and editing the articles to be submitted, the advertisements to be placed and the final copy to be sent to the press.

We have reset the deadline for submission of articles to August 30, 2015 and ad placements to October 30, 2015. There will a common topic: 'Canlubang Forever - The life we knew.' It will be a collection of articles on a common subject based on taga- Canlubangs ' memories or reminiscences of life in the old Canlubang.

The other concerns we feel we could handle as we gather momentum in preparations in the next few months -- fun run, bingo night, the Voice singing contest , souvenir t-shirts and the grand night itself on Jan. 11, 2014 at the Don Bosco covered courts.

We will also create our own webpage so we will be accessible to all the Kababayans all over the world.

Time to come home,





April 20, 2014

Latest on Balik -Canlubang Reunion 2015

The core group made the most of what’s remaining of the Lenten break and met up late Easter Sunday to go over some details for the coming reunion set Jan 4 to 11, 2015 in Canlubang.

Souvenir program.. The advertising rates for a whole page placement is P12,000. For half page its P6,000 and one fourth page P3,000. Deadline for placement is set September 30.... Submission of articles is July 30, 2014. The topic is ' CANLUBANG FOREVER: THE LIFE WE KNEW. '

Those interested to place ads may contact Sylvia Stamaria, Daisy Patalot, Macon Dejan and Dhel Lulu . Overseas residents may get in touch with Mellie Faunlagui.

Events on tap.. Jan. 4 Fun Run, Jan. 5, Golf Tournament, Jan 7 Bingo Night, Jan 9 ( optional for those who may wish a private get together with friends , relatives or former classmates . Jan 10, the Voice Of Canlubang singing contest.. Patterned after the popular TV show.. Jan 11 Grand Canlubang Night.

The dates have been set to give kababayans from overseas the chance to spend Christmas and New Year here. We know the cost of fares is very prohibitive in the peakest of season but we feel Christmas, New Year and Reunion will be a great package hard to resist for Taga-Canlubang not only abroad but all over the country and those based at home. Will keep you posted.

Lito Tacujan


March, 2014

The most highly appreciated item and which ensured the success of the Balik Canlubnag 2012 Reunion was the Souvenir Program. It would later become a sort of collector’s item for taga- canlubang with a number of residents/ old timers ruing the chance to contribute or chronicle their memories of the old Canlubang. Since We are preparing early for the Balik-Canlubang 2015 grand reunion, we thought we would start off with the Souvenir Program.
Hence we are soliciting articles on a common topic: CANLUBANG FOREVER-The Life We Knew.

The core of the article will delve on the memory of the life we had in Canlubang but on a more personal account.The article must not exceed 1,000 words. The editors of the souvenir program reserve the right to edit or reject the articles submitted. Old photos with proper caption are welcome since we may later put up a more formal coffee table book.

Deadline for submission of articles/ photos is July, 30, 2014

(Note: the SP will be up for sale during the 2014 reunion week. The funds we will generate, the bulk of which would come from advertising revenues, will be allocated paring early for the Balik-Canlubang).