School Song


In 1949, a decision was made by the Carbon School Board and Administration to have a contest among the students to see who could write the words for a school song.  The School Board consisted of H. M. Gilbert, R. Holloway, E. H. Cook, R. H. Reed, C.P. Hastings and J. B. Caudle.  The Superintendent was T. E. Robertson, and the Principal was Charlie Garrett.  The winner of the contest was Loisteen Wyatt, and for her winning efforts she received a free school annual.

In addition to her award winning writing skills, Loisteen was active in various school activities during her senior year.  She served as editor-in-chief of The Sandstorm, was secretary-treasurer of the senior class, acted in the senior class play "Curse of the Incas," cheered the efforts of CHS athletes as a member of the pep squad, played on the girls basketball team, was voted the most popular girl in school and was selected as the sweetheart of sports.  After graduating from Carbon High she moved to Midland, Texas, where she resides today.

These are her words that we still sing proudly at school gatherings:

  • For her we'll always win the fight, Defend our colors, Blue and White; And, Wolverines of Carbon High, Our pride in you will never die.


We pledge our faith to Carbon High, and sing her praises to the sky;

To her we always will be true, Stand for our colors, White and Blue.


The music was written by the Carbon Methodist Minister, B. B. Edmiaston.