The 50th !!

Welcome back Class of '62,

Yes, it's 50 years later  ! - and it happened ! (there was a REUNION) - it was a great time ! (Carrington is still standing) and ready to host us again in 5 years !

For those that couldn't make it:

~~ We're sorry you couldn't, you were missed and it would have been better with you there.

~~ There will be another chance in 5 years, mark your calendars, 2017, and watch this web site !

~~ There will be a mini Reunion in 2013, (date & location to be determined !)

For everyone that was able to make it, -- Thanks it wouldn't have been the success it was without you !

A special thanks to the many Classmates that although they weren't with us on that May evening in 1962 when CHS handled out the diplomas, made the trip to renew old acquaintenses and oerhaps make some new friends. Remember, you're still a Classmate, whether it was one, five or twelve yeras - it doesn't matter we're just happy you could make it ! (and we want you to stay connected and continue to make any and all future gatherings !)

For a complete list of Classmates in attendance, see the Classmate Profiles page and look for the attendance symbol.

Now for what happened over the 3 days - someone once said a picture is like a thousand words so here, see below, are the links to a few thousand words.

All the photos pages we've been provided, have been edited and placed iin links that you can connect to, Thanks to Mary Ann Land, wife of Classmate, Dennis Land. Thanks Mary Ann - we couldn't have done this without your expertise and assistance !

Click where it says CHS, CHS1, CHS2, CHS3, CHS4, CHS5 and you will get to

each of the pages. However, once you are connected to a link, you can click on the links at the top of each page to connect to ny of the other links, (Six [6] total)

BTW, just in case you don't know it, you can click on each of the photos

and it takes you to another page with that particular photo. Then click on

"Download" when you are on that picture and it brings up the larger version

of that photo that you are looking at. If you have any questions, just let me


As additional photos etc become available they will be added to this site, the web page , thanks to generaous  contributions form Classmates will continue to operate through the year 2017, at our 55th Reunion we;ll discuss the future of the Class of '62 website - until then, it's your site, send me things to put on the site, perhaps some reminders of those days in Carrington, or info about what you've donbe since.

One small request - when you have an opportunity, update the information on your profile, we know classmates want to know more about you - OK ? Thanks !