"Help us find folks"

For this 'committee' I'd like to have three to five volunteers who will use classmates.com, google, myspace, facebook, the phone book or any other means necessary to help find classmates who haven't logged into the site yet.  Some are shy and don't want to be found.  We respect that completely, but for the ones who don't know about it yet, this group would take a set of names and agree to try to find them over the summer so they can at least know about the site!

Email me if you are interested and I'll give you a block of names (like L-P) and see if you can help find them. 

If you volunteer, your name will go on this page as part of the effort!

Allison Lupton--looking for classmates with the last name A-D!  Thank you!

Heather Burwell--looking for classmates with the last name E-H!  Thank you!