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09/24/08 10:34 PM #20    

Willis Johnson

What's up everyone out there? It's Willis Johnson! I live in Ft.Riley Kansas now! I'm in the Army and love it so every one that has been looking for me here I am! Holla at me Rob Smalls! And everyone that I was cool with deploying next year so I hope I can make the reunion! Peace!!!!!!!!!

09/25/08 12:15 PM #21    

Tracy Searson

Willis- we hope you can make it for the reunion also and if not please be safe and Thank You!

09/26/08 07:12 PM #22    

Sallie Spangenberg (Spangenberg)

Update for Week of Sept 26:

2170 hits and 104 classmates have posted a profile (some with just a little info and others with links and pictures).

The site will be down tonight (and possibly a few more times for some geeky stuff that needs to be done behind the scene). Nothing will be effected once it comes back up although I am playing with some other designs.

Will leave the date survey up until October 3. Then will pick the top two dates and start forming groups to move forward with picking a venue and putting together some details. Even if you just have an idea but don't really want to be on any 'formal group' please email it to me. The party/reunion is for ALL of us and EVERYONE can have input. If you don't like something I'll have a big picture of me with some sharpies and you can do what you want to my face that night! LOL

Keep looking for other classmates and telling them about the site!

10/08/08 12:32 AM #23    

William Wingate

Great job Sally! This is such a wonderful thing you are doing. I can't thank you enough. It is so cool being able to reconnect after twenty years I cannot wait for the reunion! It is going to be so fun.


10/23/08 11:26 PM #24    

Ben Givens

Between this and facebook.. I get no work done..

Great job Sallie..

10/28/08 10:28 PM #25    

Sallie Spangenberg (Spangenberg)

Yea, Ben, you are still paying double for your reunion tickets for that picture! :)

11/05/08 03:00 PM #26    

Angie Tucker (Gibbs)

Awesome Job Sallie! It has been great to catch up with friends. As I said, I am happy to assist you in any way I can. I cannot believe it has been 20 years!!! Seems like yesterday....


01/03/09 11:06 PM #27    

Jesse Washington

this website is truely a blessing. Its good to see those from the cooley high days are alive and doing well in life. great job sallie.

01/13/09 06:49 PM #28    

Heather Hardin (Holliday)

Okay, I actually work in the office at a high school now, so here is an ode to my students...OMG!

I can't believe it has been 20 years, but since I have been in education for almost 16 the math should be easy for me to do!

I can't wait to catch up with all of you! I hope we have everyone out!

By the way...does anyone make it to the upstate for Clemson games? I would love to meet up!


01/14/09 02:33 PM #29    

Heather Hardin (Holliday)

Is anyone from C/O '89 planning on going to the Heritage Golf Tournament in April in Hilton Head? I would love to meet up with any of you who are there!


01/26/09 09:52 PM #30    

Theresa King (Johnson)

Greetings Sallie and to the Class of '89!:

I too would like to say that I am very impressed with your technical skills. I am thoroughly enjoying the web site and appreciate you making it so easy for us to stay connected! Surprisingly, I am really looking forward to the reunion!! At this time I would like to offer my assistance with the reunion planning process (if you need it). I would be more than happy to offer ideas and assist with vendor location, contract negotiation, etc. In addition, I own an online travel agency, so I would be more than happy to use my credentials to request discounts and/or upgrades for our sleeping rooms, etc. Feel free to contact me via email or phone if you would like to discuss. Again, great job!

Theresa (King) Johnson

01/28/09 01:51 PM #31    

Jennifer Dease

This is a test post! My last one did not go thru...

02/04/09 01:09 PM #32    

Scott Woody

Thank you Sallie. Our daily pursuits drive us further away from the times we all spent together at James Island. Your work here is truly meaningful to me.
God bless you and everyone else here in all of your endeavors

02/10/09 11:42 AM #33    

Jennifer Dease

Check out the Pop Rocks: alternative to DJ?

02/10/09 01:05 PM #34    

Sallie Spangenberg (Spangenberg)

Jennifer, Looks like they are out of California...I'm happy to check into it, but our budget is fairly small for music in order to keep the tickets on the lower side. I've sent an email though, never hurts to ask!

02/11/09 10:02 AM #35    

Sallie Spangenberg (Spangenberg)

Yeaaaa, sorry girl $7k plus expenses from Cali is a bit rich for our budget! But it gave me an idea for a new link/poll! Check it out!

02/11/09 11:06 PM #36    

Troi Myers (Oree)

Hello everyone...Sallie I just want to say what an awesome job you have done with the site. Thank you for being the connection to me and some really good friends that I lost contact with through the years.
I have prior responsibilities the night of the reunion. I hope to contact more of my old friends and continue to keep in touch with those that I have not lost contact with. Again great job Sallie...and thank you!

02/16/09 02:35 PM #37    

Jennifer Small

Hi Everyone!

I will be leaving that day for a two week international studies trip to DUBAI, so will be unable to join in... hope you're all doing GREAT... have FUN at the reunion!!

Jenny Small

02/18/09 05:53 PM #38    

Heather Hardin (Holliday)

I have been in touch with my sister about James Island County Park for a potential family event Saturday during the day. She can get us a 20% discount on the shelter rental fee if we book through her. I have put a couple of links directly to the site below so you can take a look. Basically, we can get the Wappoo shelter for around $220 pre tax with her discount for the entire day. We can then have families bring their own picnic lunch to cut down on costs. It has grills and a brick fireplace for those who might want to cook out, water and electricity, ceiling fans, picnic tables for 150 with a total capacity of 300, volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and is near a lagoon and grassy meadow if people want to play around some. Of course, people can also bring chairs and lawn chairs to "tailgate" so to speak. It is also near restrooms. I am not sure about any additional charges into the part, but I know general admission only runs $1 per person even if we have to pay entrance. The only other potential cost involved would be if you wanted to decorate, but I am not sure if that would even be necessary with the outdoor location. Just let me know if you want me to pursue this further.
I will post some of this on the main page to see if people have any feedback.

03/20/09 07:03 PM #39    

Alexa Sloan

Thank you everyone who has been trying to put together the reunion, but why are we having the reunion in North Chuck? Heather's suggestion of having it at JI County Park is good. I, and possibly others, don't want to come back "home" for a weekend and spend a night hanging out in N. Charleston. Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, James Island, the beaches, etc. are beautiful but not North Charleston. We can do better than that!

03/20/09 08:56 PM #40    

Sallie Spangenberg (Spangenberg)


There will be three parts to the reunion. Friday night will be an informal 'happy hour' at a to-be-named location on JI. Saturday night, our classmate Angie Tucker Gibbs was able to get us a great deal as the Sales Manager for the Sheraton so we could keep the cost reasonable. That will be the 'adults only' actual reunion. Sunday afternoon, things are shaping up to have the family part of the weekend happen at JICP. Most places wanted huge fees just for the building and all of it up front. The second place vote was parking lot of Magic Market and it was a VERY close second! LOL Hope to see you this summer. Sallie B.

03/22/09 05:17 PM #41    

Patrya Backman (Barnes)

Good Afternoon all,
I had every intention of coming to the reunion but have had a hiccup in our plans.
The company my husband works for is closing it's doors in May and he is having to seek other employment at this time.
I do not forsee us being able to take vacation at that short notice if he does become able to find significant employment.
My heart and prayers go out to you all, and I know it will be a great reunion.

Love and kisses,
Forever Angie B.

04/13/09 08:48 AM #42    

Earl Capps

I know times are tough, so I'd like to offer something to help a few of y'all make it to the reunion from out of town. I've got a bunch of travel points that will expire in the not-so-distant future and not enough time to use them myself. So it's "use them or lose them" time.

If you would have to travel from out of town and a couple of nights' free lodging would make the trip more affordable, let me know and I'll cash in some of those points to get you a place to stay. I'm not asking for anything in return (even if you didn't know me back then), except that you promise to have a good time while you're here!

Oh yeah - many thanks to those who have worked together to help put this event on!

05/16/09 03:18 AM #43    

Marisha Sanders (McCants)

Hi everyone....Sallie, This is a wonderful website. Twenty years OMG!! We are all getting "BETTER" with time. Hope I will be able to make it. Take Care, Marisha (Risha)

06/29/09 11:33 AM #44    

Croskeys Royall

Couldn't fit in the reunion with my work schedule. Y'all have a good time and don't let the cops crash the party, ok? ;)


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