Survey 2024

Hi Everybody,

We would appreciate your answering the survey questions so we will learn more about your life since graduating from high school.  We would also like to hear your thoughts on planning our reunions.

Thank you so much!


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1)   What did you enjoy doing in high school? Clubs, sports, classes, extra curricular activities, etc.?

2)   What did you do after graduating from high school? College, military, work, etc.?

3)   Where have you lived since graduating from high school?

4)   What type of work did you do, or are doing now? Are you retired?

5)   Are you married? What is your spouse's name?

6)   How many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren do you have?

7)   What do you enjoy doing now? Hobbies?

8)   Do you plan to attend our reunion on September 20-21, 2024?

9)   Have you talked to any classmates since you graduated? Would you like to ask them to come to the reunion?

10)   Who would you like to see at our next reunion?

11)   Do you have any special requests for our picnic on September 21, 2024?

12)   Would you like to attend a celebration in two years when most of us will be turning 75 years old? What type of event would you like us to plan?

13)   What type of event would you like us to plan for our 60th high school reunion?

14)   Would you like to help plan our reunion this year and/or future reunions?

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