Chattanooga City High




Monty Jolly


Board of directors:

Monty Jolly

Michael McKelvy

Carl Smith

Bill Zvanut


Internet Administrator and Coordinator:


 Paige McKelvy


Planning Committee:

Priscilla (Mitts ) Dietterich - Marketing/Fundraising -'71 class contact
Michelle Jolly - Registration/Hospitality/Treasurer
Randy Gray - Planning
Scott  MacLennan - Planning/Videographer

Bill Zvanut - Merchandise/Clothing Apperal

Frank Smith - Planning

Jim and Sandi Smith - Planning

Cindy and Butch Thomas -Planning/Decorations and '72 class contact




The CHS Committee is also open to individual class committee's (for any class that wish to hold individual class reunions). We are looking for an Individual Contact person for each class year. This applies to any and all graduation classes past and present.  We want our CHS Dynamo website to be available to all City High Classmates, for large or small events, or just to re-connect with friends and classmates.