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04/14/20 01:41 PM #212    


Jill Lane (Dew) (1969)

Glad to hear it, Deborah.  I've been thinking about everyone down there.  The same storm came through Kentucky; luckily, we were spared.  My sister, on Signal Mtn., however, had a tree fall very near her new house, which damaged the siding and roof.  They're just moving into it -- I told her it was "pre-disastered", like in The World According to Garp.

I hope everyone is safe.  Between climate change and the coronavirus, these are strange, strange times we're living in.

04/15/20 11:45 PM #213    


Jarrod Ownby (1966)

Come join my Facebook called Rick Ved and my youtube videos called Rick Ved Jyotish for explanations about this Earth's phase transition from the end of the dark age to the beginning of the Golden Age.  

04/18/20 10:13 AM #214    

Lu Jean Wade (Bedard) (1968)

Dear Jeanne and Family,

I am so sorry to hear about Bill.  Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today and in the days to come.  May our Lord comfort you as only He can. 

04/19/20 05:34 PM #215    

Trudy Lowe (McDaniel) (1968)

Jeanne ~ Your former classmates are thinking of you right now.  Those of us who knew Bill share your sadness.  And as we see him leave this world, we know there are others that love him too who are awaiting his arrival with outstretched arms to receive him on the other side.  It is tough to not be able to be with him as you always have, but you will always feel his presence within your heart.  Be grateful for the time God let you have with him. Hold your children tight and remember how proud Bill was when they were born and how proud of what a great mother you were to them and a great wife to him.  Rejoice that he is with our Father in a better place.  We are with you in love and spirit, Jeanne.  If you need to talk, I am always available for you.  


05/15/20 12:04 AM #216    


Debby Welch (Abernathy) (1969)

I'm sad to share that Sherry Wells (Rice) passed away Thursday, May 14, in Charlotte, North Carolina, of breast cancer. She was one of a kind, a very special lady and my dear friend. She leaves behind her husband, Bob, her sister Pam and her husbad, and her mother. There are no services planned. 

05/15/20 12:16 PM #217    


Jill Lane (Dew) (1969)

I am so sorry to hear of Sherry (Wells)'s passing.  She always had such a good heart and a bright smile.  We were friends since our days at Rivermont.  The world will now be a little bit drabber with her not in it.  

05/16/20 09:48 PM #218    


Nat Hughes III (1969)

So sad to hear about the passing of Sherry Wells. Sherry and I went through from first grade Rivermont all the way through City High. 12 years. She was always a kind and caring person. She will be missed.

05/17/20 10:27 AM #219    


Priscilla Mitts (Dietterich) (1971)

What a big loss of Sherry Wells! She was so very sweet kind person. She also grew up down the street from. Such a wonderful family. She will be greatly missed 

06/16/20 11:11 AM #220    


Joel Hausler (Hausler) (1968)

Just a note to let the Class of 1969 know that one of your classmates, Ken Standifer, passed away a few days ago.  He lived in Cookeville.  I grew up with Ken.  He was a great guy.  His obit is here

06/17/20 01:03 AM #221    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

So sorry to learn of Ken’s passing! Sincerest condolences to his family.

06/17/20 01:34 AM #222    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

Well, on a brighter note during these dark and dreary times, the damage my house suffered during the Easter tornado, is being repaired at a slow, albeit, steady pace. Well over $50,000 in damage, however my two furbabies, and I, escaped unscathed. I live on a hill in Ooltewah, maybe two miles from Jenkins Rd. and Standifer Gap. The song, 🎼 I Can See Clearly Now🎼, has taken on a whole new meaning. Deborah's brother,  Mack Kelly, whom I had the pleasure of working under at Blue Cross, lives in the hard hit neighborhood of, Holly Hills, which I now have a partial view of. Destruction, and devastation all around! Had no electric power for eight days. Even with that, others suffered a lot worse damage, and loss!  So far this year, I have survived COVID-19, EF3 tornado and an end to a 19 year marriage. But, you know, if the Lord doesn't give me another blessing, He has blessed me enough! Stay well, dear DYNAMOS!

11/26/20 02:18 PM #223    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Happy Thanksgiving to alumni everywhere.

11/27/20 12:55 PM #224    


John Price (1969)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Debra.


11/27/20 07:41 PM #225    


Johnny Collins (1967)



11/27/20 08:51 PM #226    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

My condolences to his family.

11/30/20 02:03 PM #227    

William Neal Brudenell (1965)

These yearbooks will have a new home with Ron Payne, Class of ‘64. So, they no longer are available. ( at least from me).


I have a 1963 and a 1964 yearbook that I would love to send to someone. If interested, please let me know. Bill Brudenell, 208-921-1634 (cell for text messages).



12/01/20 04:49 PM #228    

Lawrence Murry Turner (1965)

Bill Brudenell has inspired me to do a little clean out as well. I too have a 1964 Chattanooga High yearbook

that needs a new home. I'll mail to the first Dynamo reaching me by text at 512-674-5734. Thanks for the inspiration Bill.

Larry Turner

Class of 1965

*** Has been claimed. Thanks all....

12/02/20 11:32 AM #229    

Douglas Jones (1965)

I gave my 63 Dynamo to the Old City, now CSAS, since it was the last year on Third Street.

02/19/21 05:59 PM #230    

Roddy Robertson (1967)

I haven't actively participated much with my City High Forum and this may not be the preferred way of communicating this information, but I was reminded today since Jimmy Hyma, a long-time friend from my class 67, who every year wishes me a Happy Birthday, didn't do it this year as he went to be with the Lord Jesus on January 22nd or 23 of this year.
I haven't seen any info coming out on our forum so I assume you were unaware. He was one of the finest examples of a true Christian that I have ever known.
Just thought everyone should know.

Rod Robertson

02/19/21 07:24 PM #231    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Condelences to family of Jimmy Hyma and the class of 67.

02/20/21 10:39 AM #232    


Dennis Dobbs (1967)

I just learned that (Daisy) Dianne Hood (Sitton) passed away January 11, 2021. She was preceded by her husband Doug on January 8, 2021. A link to her funeral site with memorial photos and service video is

Dianne was a wonderful person who I have not seen since attending City. I still remember meeting her the first time at a 7th grade dance. We were very close for 4-5 years then lost touch. I am very sad to hear about her passing and send condolences to her family and friends.

02/20/21 11:25 AM #233    

Mary Lynn Wilson (1973)

Wanted to share with everyone that another Dynamo has left us.  Dewey Roberson, Class of '72, passed away on February 16, 2021, from complications from COVID-19.

02/20/21 11:56 AM #234    

Huey Long (1967)

Met Jimmy Hyma at Normal Park in 1st grade. He lived right across the street from the school (as did Jim Floyd and Malcolm Short). We were classmates for the next 12 years! Sorry to hear of his passing.


02/21/21 08:55 AM #235    


Richard Merle Waugaman (1966)

So sorry about Jimmy Hyma's death. But good to read Huey Long's message. I met Jimmy, Huey, Jim Floyd, and Malcom Short only in 7th grade, when I entered Northside Junior High. What a long time ago! 

06/21/21 06:10 PM #236    


Kathy Coble (Shearon) (1967)

I was notified by a family member that Bill Tollett (class of 1967) passed away June 10, 2021.  This was all the information that I received. 

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