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04/08/22 10:40 AM #318    


Lu Jean Wade (Bedard) (1968)

Pat, I'm sorry that you lost your sister.  You must miss her a lot.  We are blessed to have siblings.  

04/26/22 12:13 PM #319    

Marjorie McClain (Vincent) (1965)

The link to Albert Reave's obit (1965) is not his because that person was born in 1928!

04/26/22 01:27 PM #320    

Stephen Michael Cathell (1965)

The Albert Reeves in the obit is the father of Faye Reeves Coe, Class of 65..


04/27/22 12:42 PM #321    

Douglas Jones (1965)

Corrrect Steve and Marjorie. I posted it in the Class of 65 website and should have been more clear. I wonde how many of our classmates still have parents living?

05/30/22 05:56 PM #322    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Happy Memorial Day to City High Alumni everywhere

08/01/22 08:48 AM #323    

Christine Hershey (Rogers) (1968)

So sorry to learn of Alice Clevenger Coopers Birthday. Prayers for her family.

08/13/22 11:13 AM #324    


Jarrod Ownby (1966)

Hey, Chris! Happy Birthday! May you have a million more.  

09/13/22 05:40 PM #325    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Please be in prayer for the family of Gerald Starks class of 69. His home going services and visitation Thursday and Friday of this week.

11/14/22 06:15 PM #326    

Sharon Hamby (Lawson) (1969)

By any chance is there someone out there that would like high school annuals for 1967,1968, & 1969?


11/15/22 07:41 AM #327    

Anne Greever (Nolan) (1968)

To: Sharon Hamby Lawson--if you have City High annuals for 1968 I would like to have one--mine was lost many years later, and I did not know how to get another one--how can I reach you, my name is Anne (Greever) Nolan and I was a 1968 graduate--I live in Florida now, but will gladly work it out with you to get another annual-thanks!

11/15/22 12:39 PM #328    

Pat Hagan (1968)

I would love to have a 1967 CHS Annual.   What do I need to do?  

11/15/22 04:16 PM #329    


Bill H. Johnson (1969)



11/17/22 02:37 PM #330    

Donna Bowman (Koppert) (1970)

Since we are talking about yearbooks again, I lost my 1970 senior yearbook in my house fire many years ago. I would rather have an original yearbook from 1970 if anyone comes across one. Please message me if you find one.

Donna Bowman Koppert

01/01/23 11:07 PM #331    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Happy New Year to the class of 1969

01/02/23 09:10 AM #332    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

And a very happy new year to you as well, Deborah!

01/02/23 01:36 PM #333    

Charles Michael "Mike" (Bailiff) (1970)

Deborah, You are always so good about celebratory posts!  Happy New Year to you!

01/02/23 01:47 PM #334    


John Price (1969)

Everyone have a wonderful New Year.  I can't wait until the next time we can get together.  God Bless you all.  

01/02/23 05:32 PM #335    


Jill Lane (Dew) (1969)

Happy New Year to all.  Last year ended in a huge fright for us -- Dec. 4 my husband was diagnosed with a 3" brain tumor.  We had no clue.  He was operated on the 23rd, and, now, for the most part, he's back to his usual self.  He can't pick up anything heavy (because his brain was exposed 11 days ago!), but everything works and he's back.  Talk about your Christmas Miracle!

So I hope everyone has as wonderful 2023 as I know I'm going to have.  laugh


01/03/23 07:13 AM #336    


Jack Hines (1969)

Jill, so happy to hear that your husband is on this way to a full recovery!

01/03/23 10:56 AM #337    


Jeanne Bunch (Trewhitt) (1968)

Jill I am so glad that your husband is recovering. I will keep you both in prayers.

01/03/23 10:58 AM #338    


Jeanne Bunch (Trewhitt) (1968)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to Dynamos everywhere. May this be a wonderful year of joy and peace.

01/06/23 04:30 PM #339    


Jill Lane (Dew) (1969)

Thanks, guys.  Now the hard work begins -- chemo, radiation, more chemo.  This is not a happy tumor but the surgeon really cleaned him out so our fingers are crossed.  I really appreciate all the good thoughts being put into the Universe for Jim and me.smiley

01/08/23 05:28 PM #340    


John Criminger (1966)

There will be a reunion of Signal Mtn Elementary School attendees at the school on Apr 29. A lot of the kids from Signal Mtn went to City. Checkout for information.

01/09/23 01:07 PM #341    


Ralph Irwin Miller (1965)

Hey John, Doug Jones (Class of '65) and others are planning an event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of coming to the new building on Dallas Rd. He will be announcing details soon. It would be great to get former band members together. I came to the last reunion which was a brief open house at the school including the Classes of '65 and '66 and ran into Mary Wooten and Gail Cook who played flute. They shared some interesting  memories. Band members from the years of 64-67 spent so much time together in rehearsals, band camp and trips it would be fun to get together at the event Doug is planning. I'm sure he will put a notification on this website. Please pass that on to those former band members you see at the Signal Mountain elementary reunion.

01/15/23 08:54 AM #342    

Alice Johnson (Engle) (1965)

Saw that here is a possible reunion planned for the 60th anniversary.  If it would be around June 21 - 23, that would be great.  Wanda Fanning and I are each planning to be in Chattanooga around that time.  


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