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09/08/09 05:44 PM #1    

James Davis

A message was received from Sharon Ashbrook's daughter, Kim Hyer Chamblin. She is Sharon's only child. She would like to contact some of her mom's old classmates and friends.If you are interested you can contact her at Kim still lives in Worthington, Ohio area and does have relatives here in Chillicothe.

09/21/11 10:53 AM #2    

James Davis

I hope that we can use this message forum to keep in touch with classmates . If you need or know of classmates ( we have had 13 emails fail) emails , we hope this does not mean that they have left us here on earth. If you know of any who have changed their email addresses, please contact them and see if they would forward it to us.

Jim Davis---Nancy Grey--Dave Hough

08/31/15 07:42 PM #3    

James Davis

The Class of 1960 owes a great debt to Jane McKee Bumen and to Jim Bumen for their gracious use of their facility each time we have had a Reunion. Enough can not be said about the things they have done for this class. We will miss them in the years to come.

03/08/16 05:45 AM #4    

James Davis

A C.D.Benbow is looking for info on Jennie Petro's family. Any body have contact with family ?


05/04/21 02:51 PM #5    

Jane McKee (Bumen)

May 1, 2021

Dear Classmate,

Way too many days have gone by since we were together at our last reunion.

Way too many classmates have passed on in these last few years.


No matter what, the Class of 1960 will have a reunion in 2021.

We’re used to this. We’ve had our reunions, one year late, before. ; )

Here are our plans:

Friday, September 17, 2021

4-7p Paint Grill. 339 S. Paint St.

Cash/credit for bar & grill; Individuals place own order

Saturday, September 18, 2021:

Chillicothe Country Club, 800 Arch St. $40

5p. Happy Hour w/Bounty Board;

Station: water/lemonade/coffee/tea

Credit/Debit for bar

6-8p Dinner:


bacon-wrapped chicken

house potatoes, green beans

dinner rolls & butter

Tables will be available for class memorabilia you would like to bring to share.

Please make your reservations w/Ila Sopher, our treasurer, (

by June 15. All payments must be received by August 15,

We look forward to seeing you.


Jane McKee Bumen,

Joy Simmons Renner

Ila Stewart Sopher, treasurer

Mary Ann Ott Dixon

05/05/21 06:39 AM #6    

George Brombacher

I'm in!

George Brombacher

05/05/21 11:12 AM #7    

Max Fisher

I usually leave for home in FL no later than September 15. Probably won't make it. Hope you have great reunion. Will there be luncheons during summer as in the past?

05/05/21 10:36 PM #8    


Mike Armstrong

I'll do my darndest to be there. Lot of arraingments to be made. Sharon will not be able to come with me.

05/06/21 10:37 AM #9    


Mike Armstrong

Plane reservations made and car rental. Gotta get in early. Mike

05/06/21 11:14 AM #10    


Judy Dunlap

I'll be there.. Look forward to seeing everyone.  

06/01/21 08:59 AM #11    


Susan Myers

One classmate is missing from in memory. Roy Smith passed away this year. His obituary was in the Chillicothe Gazette prior to Jane Story Bost

06/15/21 02:26 PM #12    

Phil Bobo

I will be there.

07/07/21 04:13 AM #13    


Susan Myers

Mike Robinette has passed away. His obituary is in the July 7th Chillicothe Gazette.

07/09/21 01:32 PM #14    


John Lynn

I cannot attend. I have Parkinson's disease and have difficulty traveling.

08/06/21 02:41 PM #15    

Scott Nelson

Scott & Mary Lou Nelson plan to attend

08/08/21 10:32 PM #16    


Judy Dunlap

Could we please  have a list of our classmates that are attending the 2021  reunion and then have it updated periodically. It would be great to  know .Also  who is our administrator now. I've been ask that question and I haven't a clue. Thanks for keeping us informed.

08/20/21 02:51 PM #17    

Bill Smith

I will not be able to attend this year's reunion. We live full time now in RV and are currently traveling down to Florida a week at a time  and then on to Texas and Arizona. I am saddened by the loss of so many classmates last year but hopeful I can make it back to a reunion before my time is up. Best wishes to all. 

09/16/21 03:35 PM #18    

Jane McKee (Bumen)

To The 1960 Class of Chillicothe High School

It has been brought to our attention there are over 400 children (grades 7-12) within the Chillicothe City School district who are homeless.  About 3-4 years ago the Chillicothe Schools Guidance Dept. began Cavalier Closet, where students may go "shopping" for needed clothing items (sweatpants, underwear, socks, t-shirts) and food and toiletry selections.  If the student is embarrassed, guidance counsolers will deliver items to where they are.

Mrs. Amy Winfield, guidance secretary, says students come in daily for help in addition to being on FREE breakfast and lunch.  This program continually gains in participation and popularity and is supported by students, staff, district office and Chillicothe Board of Education.

The Class of 1957 raised over $1,000 at their reunion.  If you are interested in giving, donations (checks made out to Ila Sopher) will be received by our class treasurer, Ila Stewart Sopher, (967 Cleveland St., Chillicothe, OH  45601) through November 1.  We will give a Class "Check" to Chillicothe City Schools, earmarked for this program.  Mrs. Winfield is excited about our participation.  She said our donation will be in time to purchase turkeys.  Last year 52 Thanksgiving boxes were given to students.  

Thank you for your consideration.

10/06/21 11:58 AM #19    

Jane McKee (Bumen)

A Cavalier Closet update from Joy Renner ~  In 12 days the Class of 1960 has raised $835.00 for the Cavalier Closet!!  Thank you so much!!  We are still accepting donations through October 31, we will then repost our amount & give it to that worthy cause.  Thank you again to all who have contributed!

12/08/21 01:35 PM #20    

Jane McKee (Bumen)

Good Day Classmates

A note from Joy Renner to let you know The Chillicothe High School Class of 1960 ended up donating a total of $1,500.00 to the Chillicothe High School Cavalier Closet!! 

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!!

02/18/22 10:21 PM #21    

Jane McKee (Bumen)

I wish to inform the class that Harold Newton passed Saturday, Feb. 12.

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